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User Info: solidsnake0928

5 years ago#1
If Final Fantasy IX was remade/ported to a currect system, would you want them to expand the script? - Results (109 votes)
Yes, but only the main script
0.92% (1 votes)
Yes, but only the ATE scripts
4.59% (5 votes)
Yes, but only the backstory
2.75% (3 votes)
Yes, all of the above!
44.95% (49 votes)
Yes, but only the main and ATE scripts
3.67% (4 votes)
Yes, but only the main and backstory scripts
1.83% (2 votes)
Yes, but only the ATE and backstory scripts
7.34% (8 votes)
No, it is perfect the way it is
33.94% (37 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I would vote for 4. XBL GT: solidsnake0928

User Info: solidsnake0928

5 years ago#2
I am so sorry about the misspelling in the question, I am glad everyone is reading it as "current" and not "currect" :( XBL GT: solidsnake0928

User Info: MysterPixel

5 years ago#3
I would only want changes to be made by adding dialogue to the Oeilvert and Desert Palace section (everything's pretty silent during that part because the parties are very customisable) and making you do all of the fights during the four shrines, not just one.

Also perhaps add some 'filler' ATEs during the parts that don't have any. Nothing that changes the story or really adds much at all, instead just to show that the characters have personality and are still going around doing things. The ATE distribution is really uneven in the game - you'll get about 15 ATEs in 3 minutes, then go a few hours with none, then get another 10 in 2 minutes.

User Info: peedeejay

5 years ago#4
There would be minor changes I'd want in a remake like having all 4 shrine fights, as the previous poster mentioned, but I'd like to see the script left as is. If they were adding anything I'd want it to be something like the option to play through the stories of some of the minor characters, like playing as the Tantalus crew fleeing the Evil Forest and traveling back to Lindblum, and as Marcus rescuing Blank. Then the duo rescuing the main party as well as Beatrix, Steiner, and Freya.

User Info: Teh_Maimed

5 years ago#5
They really need to expand on the ending. I was happy when I beat it, but a part of me just went like "So what just happened?" Necron, the Iifa Tree, the Crystal, Gaia/Terra, they really need to expand on the story. Well, at least, make things clearer.

And put a lot more ATEs. They are really the entertaining part of the game, and provides a lot of personality/story/interaction to the characters. For example they could put Eiko/Vivi ATEs and talk about children stuff (although their personalities are obviously a foil)
UMVC3 Trish/Morrigan/Phoenix ; Morrigan/Trish/Doom ; Morrigan/Doom/Phoenix

User Info: solidsnake0928

5 years ago#6
bump (I wish voting would keep the topic bumped) XBL GT: solidsnake0928

User Info: Tweak5489

5 years ago#7
I Think it might be good to play the story of the side characters!

User Info: solidsnake0928

5 years ago#8
Tweak5489 posted...
I Think it might be good to play the story of the side characters!

Like who, besides Beatrix? XBL GT: solidsnake0928

User Info: 3Storms

5 years ago#9
Leave it as is. The only thing I would want changed is maybe a slight smoothing and polishing of the graphics, which wouldn't take much.

User Info: ty_taurus

4 years ago#10
I agree with the adding of the 4 shrine battles, and more scenes from that even, like the traps set in the wind and fire shrines as well as Dagger and Eiko talking to Kraken. Those bosses would be really fun.

I want the game to be harder though, bosses are ridiculously easy in the later game, perhaps stronger attacks, and adding in multi-hit attacks from both sides rather than everything being 1 hit. It would also set apart Dagger's summoning more, so they're not all essentially the same just with different elements. Hopefully Ark gets a shorter attack animation or you're given the option to skip it. It's not that I don't appreciate the overdramatic summoning sequences, but I could be the boss by the time the animation finishes.

They should add more side quests also, and possibly some new, small towns or areas where you can do some side questing, which could make the world feel a little bigger.

I also hope they would add the party member changing option that they had in X, that was a feature I love and wish more games had, it makes it feel like you're always making use of your whole team, and not that only 4 are important because only 4 can fight the final boss.

Perhaps they could add some abilities too, give Vivi Watera, Waterga, and the aero spells. Maybe some new Blue Magic for Quina (And also a better trance feature, one that's actually helpful during bosses) while on that note, tweaking the trance system to be more reliable in general, and fixing Thunder Slash :p

New mini games like festival of the hunt being re-playable for bonus prizes

Maybe new bonus bosses, like getting to fight Queen Brahne?

What about making characters like Beatrix and Blank bonus characters? doing certain things unlock them?
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