Ranking the characters from worst to best

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User Info: Redcoffee1

4 years ago#11
Everyone who does not rank Quina as number one is a casual.

Auto-Life + Limit Glove = easy 9999 damage as early as Cleyra

Soulcage has 9765 HP, so Quina can one hit kill every single boss in Disk 2.

Quina also has Mighty Guard, which is arguably the best support spell in the game, Angel Snack, which makes him/her the strongest party member against Ozma and Necron, Frog Drop, which does guaranteed 9999 damage for 10 MP, etc.

Pretty much every character can do 9999 damage, but only very late in the game when it's not really that impressive anymore. Meanwhile, Quina makes the entire game a breeze, even with a Level 1 party.
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User Info: ertfert

4 years ago#12
I hate the whole ranking thing because theyre all useful, but for the sake of discussion ill have a go

1) Quina: Angel's Snack cures all status for all characters, the most useful healing ability in the game considering Auto-Regen takes care of your health. Night is the most useful ability for grinding. Limit Glove dominates every boss in the first two discs. Frog Drop takes over after that.

2) Freya: Heavy armor and a good health pool always help, Dragon's Crest and Dragon Breath are great damage abilities. Rei's Wind is good healing ability early on when theres no white mage in the party.

3) Steiner: Most resilient character, best armor, best health. Easiest to hit the damage cap with.

4) Garnet: The white mages get credit because theyre very useful early on, but they become antiquated when Auto-Regen becomes available.

5) Eiko: Simply lower than Garnet because of her summons.

6) Zidane: Stealing is his only really great thing, his attacks are good and Thievery is good much later on in the game, but otherwise he has little versatility.

7) Amarant: He has a more difficult time hitting the damage cap than the characters I put in ahead of him. Revive is a great ability and Return Magic is very good too, but thats all thats worth mentioning. A lot of people mention Chakra, but its really not that useful compared to other heals and Ethers (something youll rarely need to use at the same time).

8) Vivi: His spells simple dont scale well damage wise. After mid disc 3 he just cant keep up. Return Magic again is a very useful support ability. Doomsday is only really useful if setup the whole party around shadow absorb, if you do, hed be ahead of Zidane. Even then, Doomsday is for MP demanding and he cant keep it up for long.

User Info: mega1343

4 years ago#13
1. Quina - Blue Magic can be great the only time I really had to take him out of the party was during the final battle, I wanted to go with a more offensive approach.

2. Steiner - Very powerful, especially in Trance mode. If Vivi is in your party he is even way more bad ass.

3. Zidane - Usually the highest level character, can take good damage, and pretty fast.

4. Freya- IMO she is another fast character that can take decent damage.

5. Eiko - Best white mage in the game. I don't use her to attack with summons nor holy, but she can get you out of many sticky situations. I always have her in my party towards the end.

6. Vivi - Only time I really felt like he was useless was against Necron, and that's only if you don't get the Robe of Lords from Hades. Very good character overall but has lowest HP I think.

7. Amarant- You get him too late IMO. He have some pretty great abilities like Revive but the only time I really had him in my party was when we went to Alexandria when it was under attack, and when you go to Oielvert/ Kuja Mansion. Other than that I only had him in for grinding up levels.

8. Dagger - If it wasn't for that one part in the game where she turns into a mute I would have her ranked 6. Her white magic skills aren't as good as Eiko's IMO. She do have more offensive summons though.

User Info: awesomeuno

4 years ago#14
Going from an endgame, maxed stat party

1. Quina. There is no character as powerful/useful as Quina. Auto-life, white wind, angel's snack, frog drop, limit glove, level 5 death,
2. Eiko. Pheonix auto-revives, double holy, solid damage.
3. Garnet. Her trance is freakishly OP when you learn how to use it. Otherwise, very powerful
4. Zidane. Auto 9999 for 8 mp. Steal, flee, powerful weapons.
5. Amarant. Infinite MP via chakra, auto-life, throw damage, wind element powerful weapon.
6. Freya. Auto 9999 for 16 mp, jump attacks.
7. Vivi. Double Black magic, can heal whole party if setup properly. Problems are his mp consumption is through the roof.
8. Steiner. All his best skills cost craploads of MP.
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User Info: Flare_Dragon123

4 years ago#15
Ranking characters in this game is primarily based on an easy reference, Damage. Who can do the most damage the easiest, the fastest, the best, in all situations? Furthermore, what skills and moves are available for the character and how useful are these? What roles can the character fulfill in the party?

For the sake of this, I'm going to rank the characters in order, based on their usefulness at all aspects of a battle. Single-Target Damage is the primary ranking, seeing as how the hardest battles in this game are against single targets. Multi-Target Damage is another ranking, this will be mostly flavor. Few bosses and fewer end game fights are against multiple enemies, however this is interesting when considering Yan fights. Healing as an aspect will be considered as well, it is not as important as damage due to the existence of auto-regen and the small number of character that are able to do it. Buffs are going to be considered as well. For anything else, Special Mention will be referenced.

Without further ado: Here we go.

Single-Target Damage: 9999, Easily Repeatable (20/20)
Multi-Target Damage: Trance Only (5/10)
Healing: None (0/5)
Buffs: None (0/5)
Special Mention: Steal, Soul Blade (+5)
Score: 30/40

Zidane has Thievery, this by itself makes him one of the best characters. His Soul Blade can be used to inflict nasty status effects, particularly Doom. His Trance will eradicate bosses or enemy parties, though it is a one-trick pony. You're sort of forced to use him until Memoria, but its still worth ranking him.

Single-Target Damage: High level, MP Based (10/20)
Multi-Target Damage: High Level, Easily Repeatable (10/10)
Healing: Only through Elemental Manipulation (1/5)
Buffs: Focus (1/5)
Special Mention: Double Black (+2), Doomsday Manipulation (+1)
Score: 25/40

Vivi is best early and mid-game, falling out of favor in late game. His magic is the primary damage until late-game, where spells are less useful. There's plenty of ways to manipulate Vivi into being useful, but this almost always requires bogging the other characters down. Doomsday Manipulation is useful, unless you're fighting Ozma.

Single-Target Damage: 9999, Easily Repeatable (20/20)
Multi-Target Damage: High Level, Easily Repeatable (10/10)
Healing: None (0/5)
Buffs: Breaks (2/5)
Special Mention: N/A
Score: 32/40

Steiner is great early, and when he rejoins Disc 3 he quickly catches up. His intense and single-minded damage output colors his usefulness, he came to do damage. Once you stock him up with Beatrix's abilities, he quickly becomes the most reliable damage dealer in the game. Combined with his tank behavior, and that his Trance will deal max damage very early, he's one of the go to characters.

Single-Target Damage: Low (0/20)
Multi-Target Damage: Mid-Range, Manipulatable (0/10)
Healing: Max (5/5)
Buffs: Available (3/5)
Special Mention: Long Summon Animation (+5)
Score: 13/40

Garnet exists as a heal and summon character, with emphasis on Summons. Non-Auto Buffs are hardly useful. Summons do good damage, but requires gem grinding late-game. If there was some fight that required multi-target damage, then she may see more use. Her one great use, is as a Regen Manipulator, as her summon animations allow regen to click again and again, and can bring back a near death party.

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User Info: Flare_Dragon123

4 years ago#16
Single-Target Damage: 9999, Easily Repeatable (20/20)
Multi-Target Damage: Low, High MP Cost (0/10)
Healing: Luck-Based (1/5)
Buffs: Party Wide Regen (2/5)
Special Mention: Jump Hiding (+1)
Score: 24/40

Freya's main draw is her easily maxable Dragon's Crest. She has a fun set of interesting abilities, including Reis' Wind and the ability to do MP damage. That she can Jump means she can do max damage from either row, and she can hide from damage, giving the party a chance to survive.

Single-Target Damage: 9999, Easily Repeatable (20/20)
Multi-Target Damage: Mid-Range, Manipulatable (7/10)
Healing: Auto-Revive, Healing Wind (5/5)
Buffs: Auto-Revive, Mighty Guard (5/5)
Special Mention: Angel's Snack (+3)
Score: 40/40

Quina is the best character hands down. Frog's Drop will always do 9999 damage. Twister and Earth Shaker do two different forms off high level damage. Auto-Revive can bring dead characters back to life, including Quina. Healing Wind does great healing for any fight in the game. Mighty Guard can assist in tough fights. If there's something that needs to be done, Quina can do it. Easy.

Single-Target Damage: Mid-Range, High MP Cost (5/20)
Multi-Target Damage: Mid-Range (5/10)
Healing: Max (5/5)
Buffs: Haste (1/5)
Special Mention: Double White Holy (+5)
Score: 21/40

Eiko is the better White Mage. Her summons don't help as much, although Carbuncle has certain applications. She has true single-target damage with Holy, even with High MP Cost, the damage is great. Double White when activated can carry Eiko over the damage limit.

Single-Target Damage: High (15/20)
Multi-Target Damage: None (0/10)
Healing: HP AND MP (5/5)
Buffs: None (0/5)
Score: 20/40

Amarant is a utility, he assists anyone who wants to use the MP Reliant characters with the move Chakra. He also has No Mercy as a powerful single-target, and throw which can do high damage. He lacks multi-targeting abilities. He can also Revive people and that assists Healing as well.


So there you have it my full analyzation.

Best Party: Quina, Steiner, Zidane, Vivi
Worst Party: Freya, Amarant, Garnet, Eiko
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User Info: Dragonclaw_ZERO

4 years ago#17
It partially depends actually, as different players will use characters differently.

An expertly used Quina is easily the best, but if your just playing the game casually, then some of his more obscure tricks might not be seen at all by you. He can do crazy single target DPS, crowd control nukes, healing, whatever, but you have to know how to do it because he doesn't do it AUTOMATICALLY like other characters. It's a bit of a nuisance for Non-Hardcore Players.

I'm pretty sure most characters are good at their niche, and it's harder to completely replace one for another (Not counting Quina.). Though Vivi and the Summoners can both replace each other's roles respectively, but not quite completely. Still, Full Party Healing Doomsday are no joke. It makes Ozma much easier if you do the Yan Quests.

Actually, aside from Quina, most characters are fairly balanced in relation to the others. Eiko is the only other potentially UBER Tier but that requires doing some things an average player won't know to do (Maxing Out Marcus, if I remember, is needed to unlock her full potential.)

Eiko can almost completely replace Garnet in later stages, especially if power gamed, though the Eidolon Trance is actually surprisingly powerful because of how the game works.

It was actually more useful than Double White against Ozma for me because of the complex mechanism's behind Ozma's counter system.
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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#18

That would be my worst to best. Vivi does more damage than Garnet, but she can heal which is... Uh... sure. Eiko can use Holy and her summons actually don't suck.

Zidane can steal which is nice, and do good damage with thievery, and his physicals are alright too. Steiner hits even harder generally and has better defense and with Vivi can do elemental damage to do even more damage before he caps at 9999. Amarant is like the others below him except with utility. Freya can avoid damage (which helps on stupid bosses with uber attacks), and still do a lot of damage and provide utility. Quina is cheap as sin provided you actually EAT stuff.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#19
Its not possible to use Limit Glove on Soul Cage you only fight in via ifia tree the first time and Quina can never be used against it (but its undead) so revive spells/items can instantly kill it.

Late game White Wind/Curaga sucks for heal just learn Doomsday in the final dungeon set your entire party to absorb it and watch it do at least 4000 damage healing while the enemies lose the same amount of HP at the same time.

User Info: Dragonclaw_ZERO

4 years ago#20
Auto-Regen +Bahamut will also fully heal you and potentially do 9999 early on in Disc 3 or so.

It's pretty OP also really, and though Madeen COULD do more damage, Non-Elemental 9999 is still more useful for the rare Holy resistant enemies.

Ok, I'm not sure if there are any. Just as a theoretical scenario. Ironically, Eidolon is better than your think due to the combat system being REALLY slow on taking turns.
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