Funniest scenes in the game ? *Spoilers*

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User Info: Scias648

4 years ago#21
When the Four Armed Man freaks out when Amarant appears and mistakes Quina to be part of Amarant's gang, hired to guard Eiko.
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User Info: Shotgunnova

4 years ago#22
A lot of funny Quina scenes involve water: committing "suicide" in Treno, jumping in after the fish at Madain Sari, swimming across the ocean (funny in itself) and washing up in Lindblum during that goofy ATE. A few others come to mind (Zidane punching Oglop-Cid into the throne, calling Freya "Ratchel," that red mage who thinks Rusty's hitting on her, etc.) but Quina's front and center in the comedy department.

3.) ATE: Crime And Punishment (Which is mysteriously missing from the Game Script Faq. You get it when you go to Treno for the first time on Disc 2. Instead of proceeding to Alexandria from Gargan(?) Roo, you enter the cave below Tot's Tower... And then come back out and go back to town. You can't miss it if you are Marcus training and go back to buy stuff or whatever)

Man, this is my favorite game. I can't believe I was only introduced to it last freaking year. Best Birthday Present Ever.

Ooh, thanks for tipping me off. I'll update later.
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User Info: NateRose89

4 years ago#23
Vivi: "What's this festival like?"

StoreClerk: "Well we let a bunch of animals free and h..."

Vivi: "Lots of animals yay!"

*Vivi runs off.*

StoreClerk: "Oh no, did I say Animals again?!"
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User Info: kacaveliki

4 years ago#24
Shotgunnova posted...
Zidane punching Oglop-Cid into the throne,

actually steiner does this :P i just got past this scene in my last playthrough
love your guides man <3

User Info: Shotgunnova

4 years ago#25
I haven't replayed since '07, so I guess stuff like that's bound to happen. :P
Take me down from the ridge where the summer ends
And watch the city spread out just like a jet's flame

User Info: Calmlander

4 years ago#26
^ Congratulation for your guide, good work.

Going on topic, anything Moogle-related is funny in this game, and cute.
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User Info: RavenShinobi

4 years ago#27
VileLava posted...
Quina jumping to river in Treno because of hunger.

This. Also, when Quina reunites with everyone in disc 3 and meets the frog Cid.
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User Info: Krenshaw

4 years ago#28
XMasterMX posted...
"I so happy."
Wedding of Quina and Vivi.

I laughed so hard, I had to wipe a tear off of my face. Also lol'd when everyone leaves Cleyra by teleporting with the Black Mages, but then Quina just runs because he/she is afraid of heights
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User Info: Caution999

4 years ago#29
The Love Letter scene where Eiko, Marcus, and Cinna? Watch Steiner and Beatrix fall in love with one another. Love the music during that scene!!

Also - Eiko mistakenly believing Zidane is teaching her about peeing under the stars. >_>
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User Info: RedXIII400

4 years ago#30
Steiner overreacting to Dagger drugging everyone with the Sleep Weed.
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