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E2PG question

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User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#1
Hi all!

I'm making a run at this, no quitsies. I've been working on the first segment this morning, following the new and improved guide as well as NB's youtube playlist, and I got down to what I think might be a reasonable time at 8:52. Now comparing the guide's target to NB's on his channel, I'm a little confused as to whether this is actually a good time or not. NB lists the target time at 8:45, meaning I only lost a few seconds, but the guide puts it at 8:25, which is a different matter entirely. I'm sure I could shave off a few more seconds fine tuning my run, running in to less walls and people, etc, but I don't know if I should reset given how perfect the first battle went: Cinna went first and I stole the Mage Masher on my first try. Should I follow NB's time, assuming this was an almost perfect run? Or should I follow the guide and try to shave off another 20 seconds?

Any commentary is appreciated, thanks guys!

User Info: NBtheGameMaster

4 years ago#2
What stat path are you planning to follow because depending which path you take will determine how late you can be on target times. Path A and B are about the same with about 50 minutes to spare (that is if you include the 10th PR and NFSQ) Path C is about 40 minutes if you keep up with my times. For CS, you cannot be behind too much (7 minutes I think)

My first video on that segment was not as well as expected. The time I got on my serious run was 8:19. 30 seconds isn't too big a problem as long as you don't let the time get out of hand.
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User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#3
since this is my first run at the challenge, I figured I'd just keep it simple and go with path A so I guess it would'nt be a big deal. I'm just worried that taking it easy on the first segment is gonna establish a bad precedent that could pile up over the run. It's not gonna get any easier than this, so do I really wanna be lax on my run right off the bat? Bah, I might just keep it and keep going, the next segment is worth more of my stress anyways

User Info: wpot

4 years ago#4
Yeah, don't worry about a few seconds if you have 50 minutes to spare. The target times are very difficult to match (or exceed) without a silly amount of practice. It's not worth it unless you're going for one of the insane versions of the challenge.
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User Info: monkeyslinger

4 years ago#5
Just remember that if you allow yourself to be late now you'll have to make up for it later. The target times NB put in his videos end at 11:59:50, so there really isn't room for being much later than those. The guide's target times are stricter to allow the possibility of the CS path, which requires some time-consuming detours.

Make sure your lateness isn't being caused by any of the following:

1) Not using the Fast Disc setting of the PS2. You have to select this every time you turn on the PS2.

2) Losing time after skipping FMVs. Pausing when skipping an FMV can save you about 10 seconds each time.

3) Using only X to skip dialogue. You should definitely mash both X and [].

Also, if you went in the little girl's house to get the Eye Drops and 3 gil, that takes about 14 seconds, and I don't think that's accounted for in the disc 1 target times.
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User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#6
ok cool, I'm using the fast disk speed, mashing x and square, using the pause trick after fmvs, and I went into the Ilya's room. Mostly I'm just running in to every little thing XP thanks for the advice, guys!

User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#7
argh, after carefully examining my save, I see that I didn't pick up the bomb card, and running out to grab it is gonna add another 20 seconds or so, so I gotta redo it. At least it's an easy segment! First new attempt was 9 minutes on the dot, I've got this.

User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#8
another question for the vets:

In the dreaded second segment, is it better to just reset till I get the 100 nobles on that first try, or should I save myself the hair-pulling and give myself an extra try or two before I soft reset? I know past editions of the guide allowed for this but the current one doesn't seem to specify.

User Info: doubtkiller25

4 years ago#9
nvm, got it but at a dismal time of 19:10. Don't even care, I'll take it cuz of the stupid minigame.

User Info: seyyjJ

4 years ago#10
Didn't want make a new topic for this;

This might be a dumb question, but if I keep few seconds under the target times all the time, am I safe to go for the C or CS stat path? I'm really drawn towards C especially. The quide says the target times are for A/B/LV1 paths so that's why I'm asking, just want to make sure.

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