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User Info: Calmlander

3 years ago#1
What do you guys think about him? Is a merciless killer or a good guy with a complicate past? And what about him in battle, useful character or not?
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User Info: MrFail

3 years ago#2
He is morally neutral to me. We have never seen him kill anyone as far as I know. Wasn't his entire life kind of thrown into chaos by Zidane and his actions?

As for in battle...

He gets attack boostable claws, he gets add status death claws, his Flair command does everything you could really need and he has high speed.

I think he is amazing. If you don't just cheese through the game with 99 potions and high potions at every opportunity, chakra is great for free sustain on your mages. Aura is one of two ways (iirc) to get auto life on a character and it is the only way to get it on your whole party (in trance). Revive can be extremely clutch if your white dies and you have no PD's. No mercy is an excellent counter to monsters that blind or when the monster has high defense.

User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#3
What's not to like? Afterall, he is the "cool character" (or the "doesn't take **** from anyone character, if you prefer) of FFIX, but has interesting personalities mixed to him, like the "loner" and "rely on strenght", plus he is incredibly black & white type character at first, which really makes an interesting character.

At the development department, he is like Freya, doesn't have that many development moments during the game, but those events are greatly implemented and he does change a lot during the game.
He is also that type of character whose head you may kinda have to get into, to understand him and his change.

Aside from the obvious scene at Ipsen Castle, there are points which this can be seen. The scene at Hilda Garde 3 (where he asks Zidane what motivates him), the Fire Shrine, Terra and some others.
Also, he had this weird friendship with Freya, which was nice imo :D

In battle... On my first playthrough I didn't use him much (actually, if I recall, never if I had a choice), reason being I didn't want my whole party to be all physicals, I wanted a mage or two to be there also, and since Freya and Steiner took priority over Amarant in my books, this lead to me not really using him. So I really only got to him on later playthroughs.

I don't have much to say about him. He is a monk/ninja combination, his claws have nasty ST-Atks early on and Throw is pretty deadly at all times. Quite effective in combat :P
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User Info: terran3999999

3 years ago#4
He could have used more development.

For combat, he's definitely one of the more user characters. A boosted Kaiser Knuckles is strong as hell and Flair just has a lot of good abilities.
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User Info: easytoremember8

3 years ago#5
sorry am i missing something? you can boost his claws?
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User Info: MysterPixel

3 years ago#6
Battle-wise: He's excellent.

Story-wise: Awful. I dislike him with a passion and was extremely disappointed when you had to go and find him after he got left in Ipsen's Castle. It would've been much better if you just left him and picked up... Hippaul or something as a replacement party member.

User Info: Vir27

3 years ago#7
easytoremember8 posted...
sorry am i missing something? you can boost his claws?

Black Belt, for example, boosts wind damage 50%. Kaiser Knuckles are wind elemental.

User Info: mega1343

3 years ago#8
He is cool but he is my least favorite character as far as personality goes. Thats no knock on him or anything because I liked all 8 characters he was just my least favorite. I liked that he have this rival thing going on with Zidane and Freya but cares about the kids like Vivi and Eiko.

When it comes to battle he is my 2nd least favorite only one I disliked more in battle was Dagger. A big reason why I don't use him a lot in battle is because you get him to late in the game. I really only used him when it was mandatory when it came to story progression. I never fought any boss with him except the one at Kuja Mansion/Oilvert.

User Info: Moeman_

3 years ago#9
Oh good, I don't have to make my own topic about this.

So are we just never going to talk about how Amarant is naked when he goes into Trance? Like, not even any of that strategically-covered feathers s*** like Zidane, straight up nude. Which is weird to me because he was drawn with a thong in the concept art, but they... didn't make it when they were drawing the in-game model.
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User Info: easytoremember8

3 years ago#10
hahaha is he? omg need to check
"No amount of creativity is gonna get a Probe past a wall-in or an Observer past a Turret." ~ EGHuK
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