Favorite part of the game?

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User Info: final_gear_evil

3 years ago#31
peedeejay posted...
final_gear_evil posted...
Staying on tangent though, am I the only one who liked chocobo hunting!?


YOU CAN HUNT CHOCHOBOS!? I need to go back and do this.

I like it too, but as I said, there's too many good parts of this game to keep a list concise.

Lel! Chocobo Hot & Cold (they serve both :D)

But yeah ^ exactly,
Idk how to pinpoint a favourite. Not to complicate something that's a simple question (maybe "i'm" that one going off on a tangent! :O) but the best part is how everything is good and it all comes together so well.

All I could think of listing was what I remembered the most and s***.. suddenly finding end game equipment when i'm still only ~halfway through the story? Rediculously satisfying back in the days of when secrets in games were actually that, a secret. It was time consuming, decently frustrating/hard work, but the effort put in was your own; and the payoff was genuine and satisfying. Not to mention getting Oak staff, Magicians Robe and Silk Robe (ability up.. yes i know thats frog catching, maybe that's what i meant, the mini-games.. or just general exploration being truely rewarding) so early, and that's the thing, everything was there to be found you just had to go and explore. Being able to do back then, and on my first playthrough?
The sense of reward for simple thoroughness and exploration that this game gives for me, is unrivaled. Now go ahead and list your examples of bigger rewards in worse games.. I couldn't care less, nothing has quite felt as big as this has.
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User Info: DeFenz

3 years ago#33
Scenes on the cargo ship with BW #3.
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User Info: kacaveliki

3 years ago#34
DeFenz posted...
Scenes on the cargo ship with BW #3.

The scene where black mages fall from the airship makes me emotional but then again so does pretty much every scene with vivi dealing with his problems. Not to mention the ending >.< And yeah I'm a vivi fanboy <3

User Info: edubs

3 years ago#35
JJrooot posted...
When Odin rides down and destroys Cleyra

The sad part afterwards on the airship thinking everyone had died...got me all choked up back in the day.

That was a good part as well
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User Info: MajorMahalo1

3 years ago#36
Roy-Fokker posted...
The music for the you're not alone part is still my favorite piece out of all the series, so that part holds a special place. For me though, like with most of the series I find the very start to be the best. Each time I start a new game, the feeling I get - that is the best part.

This for me as well. The intro is just so well done. The music that plays during the, well, play("Feel my blade") is my 2nd favorite in the game. Right behind "You're not alone".
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User Info: Ziggurcat24

3 years ago#37
All of them.

I love EVERYTHING about this game. :DD
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User Info: Jay_d_d

3 years ago#38
All of disc 1, especially the festival of the hunt and getting Quina.
Mount Gulug, favorite FF dungeon, music is one of the best in the game for me.
You're not alone, for obvious reasons.
Fighting Hades, for the festival of the hunt music.

User Info: tzimiscefuciji

3 years ago#39
For me, it's the "You're Not Alone" part.

It's a incredible part because Zidane's always cheerful, always the one who help others with their troubles, and when Zidane is... broken, everyone jump in to help him, the Ost "You're not alone" played throughout this part makes it even better.

This guy said everything already, this post should end with this. Epic moment indeed.
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