My Problem With This Game

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User Info: SIFLjeff8

4 years ago#1
I played this game when it first came out and am replaying it for the first time. I barely remember it, but so far I like the battle system, leveling/ability system, and everything about the gameplay and sidequests. The main thing keeping me from loving it is that the stakes seem incredibly low. I appreciate the fantasy setting, but everybody acts so laid back about everything. There is very little tension. Even Vivi's existential crisis, which could be very deep and emotional, is usually shrugged off by Zidane basically saying, "Don't sweat it, you're a person." I'm at tge beginning of Disc 2, so maybe things get ratcheted up later. This is just how I feel now.

User Info: Peter_19

4 years ago#2
First of all, I will point out that this game has some of the most depressive moments in the entire series later in the game.
I'm not gonna spoil anything, but there are some truly shocking scenes;
in fact, at one point in the game one of your magic users becomes so depressed that (s)he even becomes temporarily unable to use spells properly during the battles "Command failed! X can't concentrate!", and that's actually pretty innovative.

Also, when Zidane talks to Vivi the way you mentioned he is just trying to comfort him, and showing that he is respected by the other characters.

I'm not sure what you mean by "laid back", though.
If you are still on the 2:nd disc then there hasn't really been any truly serious events - mostly a kidnapping, and a few quarrels between Zidane and Steiner on whether the princess should be escorted back to the castle or not.
The story hasn't really developed to its full extent yet, and there will soon be great wars and depressions of all kinds - but with a sense of hope and determination.

User Info: MysterPixel

4 years ago#3
I understand what you mean completely, it does have a very laid back vibe to it for pretty much the entire first disc. The only 'serious' thing you will have experienced so far is the scenes and fight with Beatrix at the end of the disc.

You will be seeing some more high-stakes conflict happening shortly though, and it continues to get more climactic as you go along. Some of the characters can seem a bit unconcerned or cavalier to what is going on sometimes (especially Zidane) but that's completely in character for them, and to me at least makes them more unique and believable instead of being just a typical over-involved protagonist.
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User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#5
kacaveliki posted...
Peter_19 posted...

If you are still on the 2:nd disc then there hasn't really been any truly serious events .

Yeh no serious events

Nice use of spoiler tags, mate. The TC said he was still at the beginning of disc 2 and most likely hasn't seen any of these events you mentioned, except for the first one.
Let's just hope he does not read it.

Anyway, towns getting destroyed and the like is more or less quite common in FFs, so I think by "truly serious events" he means the actual plot twists.
Though I agree with you, pretty nasty events happen on disc 2, they really aren't something you should just ignore.
If something is frustrating, then it's hard.
There's no "it's not hard to do, it's just frustrating" in that case it's hard to do due to frustration.

User Info: SIFLjeff8

3 years ago#6
Yeah, he spoiled Cleyra for me, but it's no biggy. The story is giod, I just don't feel very emotionally invested yet. Things are picking up though, so we'll see. I just hope Zidane gets a bit more fired up about things, instead of always being so chill.

User Info: Peter_19

3 years ago#7
The TC said he was still in the beginning of disc 2, so he shouldn't have seen those events yet.

But yes, the game does have some very dark and saddening events on that disc.

User Info: kacaveliki

3 years ago#8
Bah sorry for spoilers i thought disc 2 opens in burmecia and goes to cleyra straight away,forgot about the treno part with garnet >.<
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User Info: immadbro

3 years ago#10
This game sucks, play Valkyrie Profile, much better game.
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