Now lets compare fanbases of FF games k

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User Info: Sedated Cricket

Sedated Cricket
3 years ago#1
To me the most boisterous fanbases of previous generation FF are VIII and X, color me biased but I just dont get how so many ppl can unanimously hoist X up on some kind of golden pedestal as though it was as the second coming of VII. The whole yu yevon bit to the overarching story felt like a poorly reinterpreted view of western religions from an eastern world perspective shoe horned into the story of a video game for pretentious dramatic effect. I'm sorry if anyone feels as though it doesnt detract from the experience of the game but if I wanted to have religion for breakfast I would go to church on Sunday

VIII's fanbase because of all the kids who laugh at VII and compare lego blocks to the better graphics and character models in VIII as though doing so automatically makes it the better game between them. There are other things too I noticed like some of them go on and on and on about how amazing triple triad is and then boast loudly about how much better it is than tetra master. While it is natural a developer would cater some of their products to their immediate customers and loyal fanbase, I guess I just never really liked VIII and X a whole lot because they came off to me as being steaming piles of japanophile fanservice. Again I mean no disrespect towards those who do enjoy these games I am just describing my own reaction to them

So with the bad stuff out of the way, I have a big respect for the VI fanbase for their unshakable and unrelenting devotion to such a classic game because it represents the pinnacle of that generation of FF at that point and who for the most part were never known to prop the game up on some figurative pedastal other than gloating agreeably about how sinister and evil Kefka is

Oh wait does V even have a fanbase anymore? I never really saw anyone going around posting about how V is their fave game in the series or how great they thought the story was. However I am certainly aware of how often V received nothing but accolades and praise from people for its intuitive and groundbreaking job system. And also now that I think about it, I do recall a number people speaking fondly of Galuf for his endearing character and his contributing role to the party. About as vague as I can get without spoiling anything

Considering it was my first foray into a major title of the FF franchise, I regard myself a dedicated and outspoken fan of IV and whose fanbase never really seemed to draw attention to itself other than its continued refusal to let the spoony bard fad thing die. Also some of us are proud that Namingway in IX was a giant nod to IV

And so I guess fans of the original FF are basically a dying breed at this point. At least the various port releases along the way managed to rekindle people's interest in it periodically
just play the game... worry about your sanity afterwards ~riddlebox89

User Info: Roy-Fokker

3 years ago#2
I have a respect for anyone's opinion of what they like even if I don't agree with it, such as yours. Personally I would say VII is generally the one hyped more than others - and i am not going to get into whether it is deserved or not, I just mean it seems to be the most talked about.

With the exception of the newest incarnations I have no gripes with any of them and love them all. It's great to share your opinion and hopefully find others who feel the same as you. It's bad to share an opinion and expect others to feel the same way as you though.

User Info: kacaveliki

3 years ago#3
FFVII fans are atrocious, all I'm gonna say.

User Info: LionHeart48

3 years ago#4
Yeah i don't see how someone can tell me FFX is the best FF, i mean if someone said to me that FFVI, or VII, or maybe even 4 or 8 were there favorite i can understand why, but X? Nah there were SO many things holding me back from liking that game. It's not terrible like XIII, but it had a lot of things in it that i highly disagreed with.

For example this infamous moment.
IX > VI > VII > IV > VIII > V > X > XII > I > III > II > 50 miles down filled with human waste then XIII

User Info: Demonic_Essence

3 years ago#5
I am a fan of all but 6 , it did not live up to the hype its fanbase put on it.
From this point on, all you opinions will be rejected!
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User Info: Calmlander

3 years ago#7
Wow cataloging fanbases, that's new.

I think people are people, with different tastes and personalities. Thinking if people like ''A'' his personality must be ''B'', is a little extremist, TC, no offense.

By the way, i think IX and X are the best FF, but i also like I, VII, VIII and V. Can you tell me what kind of person i am with that info?

Live and let live!
FFI - Chronodia done with 4 White Mages
FFX - 100 goals in 1 Blitz League -

User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#8
Calmlander posted...
By the way, i think IX and X are the best FF, but i also like I, VII, VIII and V. Can you tell me what kind of person i am with that info?

Are you sure? Just ignore I'm the poster and you'll get just about the answer your want.

That means you are an elitist fegget for not preferring newer games, a noob for not prefering them all, ignorant moron for not liking VI, a developer hater for not prefering IV, and finally a boring person for not explaining why you like them.
Oh and you are also a fanboy for saying you prefer any of them in the first place.
If something is frustrating, then it's hard.
There's no "it's not hard to do, it's just frustrating" in that case it's hard to do due to frustration.

User Info: Calmlander

3 years ago#9
Pibugo posted...

That means you are an elitist fegget for not preferring newer games,

What??? In terms of FFs, IX is the best entry, till this day no new game has top IX, and X is a close second. Quality games there,

ignorant moron for not liking VI,

I never said i don't like VI, i just find the others more amusing.

a developer hater for not prefering IV,

IV was never my thing.
FFI - Chronodia done with 4 White Mages
FFX - 100 goals in 1 Blitz League -

User Info: Moomba33

3 years ago#10
I like them all (yes, even XIII).
In my experience pretty much every fanbase from VI onward has a few people saying that game was the last good one, a few people who don't understand how anyone could dislike that game since it's so obviously awesome, and a few more moderate people who can accept other people's opinions even if they disagree.
"Oh, I never leave home without my party cannon!" -Pinkie Pie
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