What do the characters sound like in your head?

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User Info: EuroE

3 years ago#1
I know someone made a Quina specific topic, but I'm interested in hearing what some of the other characters sound like in your head.

To me, Steiner sounds like the guy from the South Park movie who shot Bill Gates.

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User Info: BgSoA

3 years ago#2
Steiner has a gruff, authoritarian voice, which just makes it hilarious when he runs around yelling.
Vivi has a bubbly kids voice when he's not cowering in a corner.
Eiko has a very aggressive, yet cute kid voice.
Amarant has a slow, deep, smooth voice; think a younger Morgan Freeman.
Freya has a fast voice, very feminine and soft.
Quina's voice is high and loud, and lacks any sort of masculine or feminine traits.
Dagger's voice is also feminine, but is lighter and sweeter than Freya's.
Zinda has a more masculine version of Dagger's voice, with firmness and power.

User Info: EuroE

3 years ago#3
Cinna- Marvin the Martian
Quinna- Tubby from Recess
Eiko- DW from Arthur
Amarant- Batman from the Dark Knight
Baku- Foghorn Leghorn
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User Info: Konkquin

3 years ago#4
I envision Zidane and Vivi to sound like Ed and Al from FMA respectively.
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3 years ago#5
Steiner is gravely and nasal
Vivi mumbles and is relatively high-pitched
Eiko is high, sharp, and commanding
Amarant tries his best to sound like a smooth blues singer, but doesn't pull it off
Freya is low, soft, and collected
Quina is Urkel underwater
Dagger is relatively low and solemn
Zidane is chipper and sort of nasal
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User Info: NegaZelda

3 years ago#6
Zidane - Now that I've heard him in Dissidia, I can't hear anything different.
Vivi - Stereotypical little boy voice, often sounding uncertain with what he's saying.
Steiner - Gruff, almost guttural. Sorta like Solid Snake.
Garnet - Light, soft-spoken.
Freya - Cold, distant and mysterious-vibe but still feminine voice.
Quina - Tongue slurping with every word.
Eiko - Bratty-voice, sounds like a female Link from the Zelda cartoon.
Amarant - Essentially male-sounding version of Freya.
Beatrix - Pretty similar to Garnet, but stronger.
Queen Brahne - Typical RP-style voice but with more aspiration in her voice to account for her size.
Kuja - Softer than his Dissidia voice, but otherwise pretty similar.
Cid - As an oglop, think Krabby (Pokemon) but if it could speak human, as a frog, deep and coarse. As a human, stereotypical old man with an RP accent.
Zorn - High -> Low vocal pattern.
Thorn - Low -> High vocal pattern.
Moogles - Pikachu-like.
Garland - Old man voice roboticised.

I technically have voices for all of them in my head, but these are the stand-out ones.
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User Info: Snazzybat

3 years ago#7
They all sound like Johnny Cash.

All of them.

User Info: elfmirfkinn

3 years ago#8
Eiko sounds like Annie or Punky Brewster
Steiner sounds like Duddly Doright
Freya, Lady Gaga
Amaramt, Vincent Price
Quina, Cookie Monster
Garnett, Anna Paquin

Zidane sounds like David Bowie
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
3 years ago#9
EuroE posted...
Baku- Foghorn Leghorn

I.... I could see that, yeah.

NegaZelda posted...
Now that I've heard him in Dissidia, I can't hear anything different.


elfmirfkinn posted...
Amaramt, Vincent Price

No. Absolutely not. Amarant does not sound like that. He sounds gruff, to me. Vincent Price's voice is the opposite of gruff. It is silk. It is cultured. The kind of voice that enunciates every word in such a way that the mere act of him speaking is something to stand and take notice of.

Zidane sounds like David Bowie

So, to you, Zidane sounds how Kuja looks? Heh, heh, heh.
"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not to let my mind wander, as it's too small to go off by itself." -Danilo Thann

User Info: EuroE

3 years ago#10
Queen Brahne- The main villain from the Little Mermaid
PSN- Kevontay
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