Loved I-VI, hated VII-VIII. Worth trying IX?

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User Info: HH_King

3 years ago#11
nokillingmoths posted...
Scizoreon posted...
You should definitely try 9

9 feels like Square's way of saying goodbye to the series (as it was) as it draws together the best parts of the earlier games (including a large number of references) in order to produce the greatest example of a Final Fantasy game.

The class system (which was almost absent from 7 and 8) makes a return, in a style similar to 4 with a small collection of characters with set jobs.

The story is a perfect blend of action, despair, humour and romance without actively forcing any of these down your throat (the despair aspect does get a bit heavy at times but they do their best to relieve it where possible).

9 also features one the best mini-games of any final fantasy in the form of Chocobo Hot and Cold which is easily accessible to anyone (unlike Triple Triad from 8 which can be a little difficult to handle).

7,10, 11 and 13 onwards seem to put more emphasis on style rather than substance which seems to have reduced the quality of these games after you look beyond the flashy graphics. 8 suffered from an inconsistent story that started out promising but quickly collapsed into a story focused solely on the relationship between Squall and Rinoa. 12 had the problem of again focusing more on appearance than story, however I feel that it is a good game as it was able to make up any weaknesses in its story by relying on the mythos already established by the other members of the Ivalice saga.

FF7 style over substance? FFIX fanboys will always knock 7. Sad.

IX is an awesome game. Definitely give it a go! Only downside is battles are too slow compared to previous FF games, but i am using my ps1 discs on my ps3. Might be ok from PSN. It makes random battles a massive chore at times.

Yeah I thought the same thing when I saw that he lumped 10 in that category also. 7 and 10 were great games.
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User Info: mega1343

3 years ago#12
9 is my favorite in the series. If you liked 4 and 6 you will probably like 9.

User Info: immadbro

3 years ago#13
don't play IX it is god awful
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User Info: Tenaku

3 years ago#14
immadbro posted...
don't play IX it is god awful

Why are you even here anyways?

Anyways, I don't think that FF7 is style over substance at all. Sure there are cities, guns, motorcycles, and other things that fit better for a scifi action flick, but the way the game is presented gives it a unique feeling of adventure and charm, which is something I don't feel is present in Crisis Core, which has a more military/agent mission theme.
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