I just got this game for the first time. Is there anything that I should know?

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  3. I just got this game for the first time. Is there anything that I should know?

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#11
Stealing from bosses is still uselful making Thievery do 9999 damage when it takes hours is not I first had Thieverhy only do a low 1500 damage when I first used it and barely had it to double that end of game.

User Info: KoopaBoop

3 years ago#12
Stealing is useful to gain items and abilities earlier in the story than you'd normally receive them.
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

3 years ago#13
castrejon04 posted...
Stealing is a waste of time IMO since I never found it useful.

Stealing from bosses is a very good idea, you can get good equipment from them.
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User Info: andriin1990

3 years ago#14
These are the stuffs I sometimes missed in the earlier playthrough:
1. Optional ATEs: very important in term of character developments. A few could even give you some items if done right. Each ATE is unique and constrained to certain point of game, and thus it's inaccessible if you have propelled the plot forward.
2. Stiltzkin: a traveling moogle that you must buy stuffs from multiple times (the purpose'd be clear near the end of game). Don't ever be cheap toward his wares because like ATEs, he's only there until certain point of the game.
3. Mognet mail delivery: always select mognet option multiple times every time you meet a moogle in a new area. Those letters can provide some unique third person perspective in regard to the plot, which can be missed because it's also constrained to certain point of game. Do this if you are completionist or prioritizing the plot.
4. Kupo nut: you will get a new kupo nut each time you do mail delivery, but you won't get a new one if you haven't given the old one to certain somebody. Not so important in regard to plot or gameplay except for the very end if you ain't a completionist, but since it's attached to no. 3, you should try to do it anyway.

Bottomline: moogles and ATB. If you are worried about missable items, you better read the FAQs. If you don't want to spoil the experience, the above should be enough for you to enjoy the ride.
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  3. I just got this game for the first time. Is there anything that I should know?

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