QTEs were cool at first, but on subsequent playthroughs, they seem pointless

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  3. QTEs were cool at first, but on subsequent playthroughs, they seem pointless

User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#1
Sure, some of them gave you character development that you otherwise wouldn't have gotten. But even then, most of them are not all that entertaining and are just time-wasters that have close to no effect on the gameplay or plot. It tempts me to just skip them all the time because I know there's realy no purpose to them. But people seem to love them, and I can't figure out why. I can't imagine what part of older games they are referencing, and it only makes sense to me that they were taken out completely in later Final Fantasy titles. So what was the meaning behind them in the first place? What were developers trying to accomplish, and why couldn't they just seamlessly blend them into the gameplay without these abrupt interruptions?
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

3 years ago#2
ATEs aren't meant to be a reference to anything, they're unique to FF9 and as for their purpose, I believe they're just there for the sake of adding to character development, like you said.

You could look at them in the same way as "filler' episodes in an anime. Can be interesting or amusing to watch, but are of little to no importance to the plot and can be safely skipped if you do not desire to watch them.
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User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#3
Oops, sorry for getting the name wrong. I haven't even been playing any God of War lately.
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User Info: MysterPixel

3 years ago#4
My main problem with the ATEs is that they aren't distributed very well throughout the game. You get a very short period where you're inundated with about 10 of them at once, then you go for half a disc without seeing one, only get another glut of 10 together. I just ended up getting exhausted by them because of this. I always dread that trip to Treno because every time you move between screens you get 3 new ATEs appear.

The reasoning behind this can easily be explained because ATEs are (usually) only used to show what the other major characters are doing when they aren't with Zidane, and mostly the only time they aren't with Zidane and are doing something worth worth showing is when you've just arrived in a location and they split off to go and do their own things, meaning you get updates from all of them at the same time and therefore get a bunch of ATEs at once. But just because there's a logical reason behind having a bunch appear at once doesn't excuse the fact that it makes them tiresome to deal with.

The occasions where just one would pop up unexpectedly were great and I enjoyed those a lot. I wish they were all spanned throughout the game like this.

User Info: manmouse

3 years ago#5
the concept behind them has to do with the game being like a stage play thematically. notice all the emphasis on theatre and references to playwrights. plus how many climactic scenes are almost visually composed like a stage.

so with ATE's, it's like all those side scenes you'd get with a play, where the scene quickly transfers to some side characters doing their thing, and then transfers back to the events surrounding the main character you're following. it's just to build the characters and see them interacting with the world without you there, and see how life goes without your main character around.

i mean think about FF7, how often do you see Red XIII interact with the world, without Cloud there? or how often do you see a conversation between Aeris and Barret, without Cloud present?
ATE's allow you to see Eiko being Eiko, as she would be without a leader. she's in a town, and getting into whatever trouble she'd normally get into without interference. or you see Steiner clumsily making his way in a fast paced liberal city like Lindblum, with no smooth talking Zidane to lead the way. so you see him get lost and flustered by how the city works, and nobody's there to be his foil and get him on the right track.
i mean, imagine how Quina's characterization would progress if Zidane was there in every scene with him/her, to control things? when you see Quina making his/her own way and not having any guidance, that's when you really get the great Quina scenes.

User Info: Atomos199

3 years ago#6
I loved the ATEs, too bad they didn't have more of them spread out throughout the discs. For example, they could have shown how Lani made her way after the party, what Quina was up to after Cleyra, some more scenes with Kuja and Brahne, more Tantalus scenes, the Madain Sari moogles, etc. Sure, none of that is consequential, but the whole point of the ATEs was to include that kind of inconsequential stuff for optional character development - you don't have to watch any of the ATEs if you don't want to. It was a great system, IMO.
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User Info: Matty0289

3 years ago#7
I about died laughing when it literally said

Mash X
during one part of this game. Sooo funny.
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User Info: Peter_19

3 years ago#8
I always thought that the ATE system in this game seemed very similar to the Private Action system in the Star Ocean series.

User Info: LukeSkyvvalker

3 years ago#9
Matty0289 posted...
I about died laughing when it literally said

Mash X
during one part of this game. Sooo funny.

When was that?
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User Info: Flare_Dragon123

3 years ago#10
I always look back at this like something that could have been more realized or captured better.

The idea of optional side scenes for the sake of world building or character development is probably best captured in the Tales series' Skits. They're clearly side line scenes, they're absolutely optional, they reference to the events of the plot, and they're a great way of getting in character development that you'd otherwise not get. And each game has like hundreds of them, absolutely irreplacable.

The other game I'd say that did this side development well was Lost Odyssey with its twenty short stories that serve as background. The only problem being that they COMPLETELY overshadowed the games writing itself, and each time I went through one it made me realized how completely unbearable the game's story was, at least for me (yeah not at all a fan of LO, shoot me).

With the Final Fantasy series going in the direction it is, we'll likely not see this recpatured. That being said if they wanted to throw in some more in say a PC Port or Steam Version of the game I'd be down with that.
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  3. QTEs were cool at first, but on subsequent playthroughs, they seem pointless

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