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User Info: Six_ES

3 years ago#1
Having never beaten a Final Fantasy, I've begun a short list of ones I'm interested in playing. I have recently beaten 7 and 8, and just started 9.

I have a question about the ATE stuff. I understand it seems to be a way to see cut scenes and stuff happening elsewhere. No spoilers, but is this stuff mandatory usually?

The reason I ask is because I got a Game Over early on, and I have to replay a section where a few ATE events pop up at once. Since I've already seen them, can I just not watch them and move on, or does the act of viewing them have significance in the game itself?
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User Info: Atomos199

3 years ago#2
No significance. Sometimes an ATE unlocks another one later, but other than that, nothing imporant.
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User Info: Vir27

3 years ago#3
I think a series of them featuring Quina in Cleyra allows you to get a missable treasure chest.

"Treno Tradition" playing as the Princess for a bit early in disc 2 gives you the opportunity to get a Power Belt accessory. I can give you details if you want. If you did that once and then had to reset, you wouldn't have it again, of course.

There are a couple of series of ATE in disc 3 Treno, one about some kids with cards, one about the same guy from whom you got that Power Belt. Watching those leads to some loot: a rare card in the case of the kids.

That's what I find.

User Info: monkeyslinger

3 years ago#4
The ATEs Vir27 mentioned are all the ones that can have an effect on the game. The rest can be skipped with no ill effect excepting, of course, the ones that the game forces you to watch.
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User Info: Vir27

3 years ago#5
Well, of course I got them all. I searched Atomos' guide.

User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#6
Six_ES posted...
No spoilers, but is this stuff mandatory usually?

Yes, there are a couple of points in the game where the ATEs just come and you have no input on the matter... but I'd say about 98% are optional.
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User Info: Vir27

3 years ago#7
By the way, TC, at the time I didn't think any of the names I said were too much spoilers since they had no context. I'd meant to mention that, and so I hope you're not one of those extreme anti-spoiler types who can't stand to know such and such town has a name :)

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