A True Final Fantasy Tactics Sequel

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User Info: TacticsKing

9 years ago#1

I always wanted a true Final Fantasy Tactics sequel. The new Tactics Advance just isnt the same, its not near anywhere as good as the original. I always wanted a true sequel, here are is my idea.

I think that there should be a spinoff game called Final Fantasy Tactics: Delita's Story.

We could learn how Delita got to power and raised his way through the ranks after Teta's unfortunate death. We could learn more about Balmafula and Ovelia. Also the most important thing I want to know is after Delita's famous quote " What did youget out of this Ramza?" I want to know what Delita did after that as King.

I think that would be a much better spinoff, and hopefully Square will read this. ! O_O

User Info: KOTRsss

9 years ago#2
The Compilation's full of more holes than Zack. Let's all just be honest about that. -annoyingdebate

User Info: RamzaBeoulve259

9 years ago#3
But... but then people will start at level 1 again!
"So, did you find out how he died?"
"We're thinking it's the knife on his back, sir." -Case Closed

User Info: Chibi Kami

Chibi Kami
9 years ago#4
Some genius just unleashed a very powerful FFT editor that can be found at romhacking.net

It works on isos of both the PS1 and PSP versions, and could concievably be used to make your own storyline. Have at it. Just don't make it read like a fanfic, and above all, NO SHONEN AI! (I shouldn't even have to say that, but some fanboys...)
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User Info: Melodia

9 years ago#5
But Shoujo Ai is ok, I bet.

Of course,ecause even THINKING about the very WORDS Shounen Ai makes you want sweet man love.

Congradulations on your new orientation, Chibi Kami

Always Remember, Green Hair Is Cool.

User Info: Pieke Okata

Pieke Okata
9 years ago#6
Wait, there's a tool that includes a text editing function?

And an in-depth user-friendly event action editor?

User Info: wc3_plyer

9 years ago#7
If that was true... oh boy.

User Info: Pieke Okata

Pieke Okata
9 years ago#8
If it were true, Final Pieketasy Tactics would be more than FFT with class and item changes and some novel battles thrown in!

I very, very much hope to be proven wrong.

Text editing alone would be nice.

User Info: TheMagician42

9 years ago#9
No.....Delita is a tool. The whole game he talks about not being used by anyone and all the time he's being used by Vormav.
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User Info: igor140

9 years ago#10
well, if they were to make an actual FFT2, i would like to see it somehow related to vagrant story. obviously ashley couldn't be the main character, but perhaps the main character (the "ramza", if you will) could be the leader of or a member of a squad sent to figure out the aftermath of the vagrant story plot... i suppose that would only suffice for an introduction to the main plot as a whole, but it would still be cool to somehow work in ashley as a guest character : )

iirc, VS takes place ~600 yrs before FFT, so there are a lot of plot things they could include: the rise of the church as a political power, the rise and fall of the various kindgoms and dukedoms, all kinds of things.

but as with this game, i'm more interested in the gameplay than the actual plot. i like the plot of this game, but it isn't why i continue to play it after 7 years.
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