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User Info: mudfan312

8 years ago#1
How come whenever I try to invite an Uribo to my party (using Talk Skill as a secondary with Ramza), it is always a 0% chance of invitation?
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User Info: NecroPHIL

8 years ago#2
because you either need to be a mediator or have the Monster Talk support skill learned and equipped.
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

8 years ago#3
If you want to invite monsters, use Charge + Train.
Train is a 100% Invite if you bring a monster into critical HP with a normal physical attack.
Charge easily lets you adjust your damage to just reach critical HP.
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User Info: mudfan312

8 years ago#4
Ok thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
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Brawl Name: Mudpi

User Info: Empathic_Apathy

8 years ago#5
Give Reis Martial Arts + Bare Hands and Falcon Punch everything into submission.
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