Blood Sword is the best weapon in the game

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User Info: omgairshot

8 years ago#1
Not only does it do damage, but it also heals HP and can be used by a wide variety of classes. Discuss the awesomeness of a blood sword. I wish you could equip more than two. Wouldn't it be awesome to wear blood swords on your head?

User Info: philsov

8 years ago#2
hello livin.
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User Info: Golden_Max

8 years ago#3

What's with people and their subjective/opinionated arguments? I know we all have them but you must have a really good reason to recommend it and even if you do we don't have to follow it.

User Info: deadjohndoe

8 years ago#4
Isn't there a hack for Blood Sword boots?
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User Info: Fanatic

8 years ago#5
With blood swords attached to your feet, you could do some bloody skiing. And if you accidentally collided with someone, you'd only get stronger!

Why stop there? Collect all the blood weapons!

Blood Dagger: Its like a blood sword! Except not!
Blood Rod: ...You know what? Lets skip this one.
Blood Gun: It shoots WHAT?
Blood Axe: Its a bloody good axe!
Blood Staff: Slightly better than rod.
Blood Shield: We don't call him that to his face.
Blood Bag: Malak only.
Blood Dictionary: There's a secret if you look at the book REAL close...
Blood Spear: Yeah, this is just about as bad as rod.

Warning. The above items don't actually exist. Except Malak, who is just a useless blood bag.
This space is dedicated to Final Fantasy Tactics, the truly Best. Game. Ever.

User Info: JBugaboo

8 years ago#6

That was the funniest thing I've read in... a few days, actually, hasn't been that long. But funny!

BTW -- are you the same "TheNewFanatic" I see on the Ravens Message Board? Just askin'.

User Info: Zosh

8 years ago#7
You forgot the best weapon class: sticks.

User Info: MoogleOmega

8 years ago#8
What about blood fabric? (or whatever you call the dancers weapons)
Blood katana?
blood bow?
blood mace?
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  3. Blood Sword is the best weapon in the game

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