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White Chocobo?

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User Info: InsanitySoup

9 years ago#1
So my boyfriend and I were talking about FFVII today, and the topic of chocobos came up. He said he swears he used to have a white chocobo, and has people who could vouch for him. It was on his first file, and he says it didn't have any special abilities or anything, but it was very distinctly white.
We can't find any information on it anywhere except for hoax sites, and we were wondering if it could quite possibly be a glitch, or if there really is a code in the game to produce white chocobos.
It was one he bred, not one that was captured, and again, it didn't do anything a regular chocobo couldn't.
He said it never happened again in any of his files.

Any thoughts on this? Has it happened to anyone else or can someone produce more information?

User Info: Arthez

9 years ago#2
He is talking nonsense. Other than the white chocobo in Mideel there are no White chocobos in the game. The white chocobo in the chocobo races is just a colour code, but for a "normal" chocobo.

Nor any way of breeding a chocobo that is not normal/ blue / green / black / gold.

User Info: InsanitySoup

9 years ago#3
As I was arguing with him for about 15 minutes that it didn't seem possible, especially after not finding any info on the net and from the reply to this topic, he finally went digging in his bureau for the old memory card, and found it.
He loaded it for me, and sure enough, there it was. He named it Baby. I was fooling around, and found that I was unable to ride it, or race it, but it was standing there in the stall. The file was kind of glitchy, and he said that the memory card itself had always been glitchy, but he can't for the life of him remember what he did since it was an old file, and at the time he did it he didn't think anything of it, just that the whole game was kind of messed up as it was.
I suppose if it's something that isn't supposed to happen, then I don't expect anyone to believe it.
Write me off as a troll if you will, but there it was.
I was just posting on here to see if the same thing had happened to anyone else...

User Info: Miraboreas

9 years ago#4
Obviously used a cheating device.

User Info: sonicsshadow

9 years ago#5
Yah, he's cheated. Sorry about that.
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User Info: InsanitySoup

9 years ago#6
He doesn't have one, but who knows. His game (or old playstation) is really messed up as it is.

Is it possible to get one with a cheating device though?

Sorry guys, thanks for humoring my questions.

User Info: Heatherlover

9 years ago#7
my old tv look my Gold chocobo white
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User Info: TimeSpaceMage

9 years ago#8
Reminds me of how I somehow got merchant Locke (FF6a) in the World of Ruin without skipping Celes, and nobody believed me because I didn't know how it happened. I'd take pictures if I could find the right angle for lighting etc, haha.

FF7 has some weird memory bugs anyway, like characters not being able to learn limits.
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User Info: swhatrulookinat

9 years ago#9
Tell him to adjust the color on his TV.
... it's not a normal time bomb. - Cloud.

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