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What does spirit stat do?

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User Info: Odinyte

8 years ago#1

I don't see what spirit does in any guides? I assume its speed of action bar but I can only assume.

User Info: dawnquest

8 years ago#2

Spirit stat = magic defense. To confirm, check the magic def of a character before and after you give a talisman accessory.

I think dexterity determines the speed of the timer bar.

User Info: OvenMan

8 years ago#3
Yeah, a character's final MDef stat is supposed to be determined by adding their Spirit stat to the MDef stat of their armor, but due to a bug, the MDef of the armor is never taken into consideration, so it's only the Spirit stat.
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User Info: Odinyte

8 years ago#4
:D, I thought dex would of been dodge hehe. thanks, would of guessed speed makes sense. I need to stop guessing :O

User Info: Odinyte

8 years ago#5
^ I mean I thought dex was dodge, speed makes sense :P

User Info: Rajamic

8 years ago#6
Dex does figure into physical evasion as well (something like [Dex - 20] / 4, plus the armor's stat). And surprisingly, part of physical evasion gets added to physical attack accuracy.

User Info: phiefer3

8 years ago#7
^Def% is actually just Dex/4 + Def% of armor. Although you're right chance of hitting the target involves the attackers Atk% (accuracy), and both the Def% of the target and the Def% of the attacker.
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User Info: Heatherlover

8 years ago#8
Mdef I thought it was for the Summon
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