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Tifa's Piano during flashback

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User Info: Doerainesu

8 years ago#1
Quick question:
If I didn't play the proper tune during the flashback sequence, am I out of luck later on?
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User Info: jothod

8 years ago#2
no, you can still get "final heaven"

User Info: Doerainesu

8 years ago#3
ok, thanks, just making sure
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User Info: WingedMasamune

8 years ago#4
I think the only thing you may miss out on if you didn't play it is the Elemental Materia you can get when you return to Nibelheim during the main story.
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User Info: jothod

8 years ago#5
you can miss elemental materia from shinra bld
you can miss anything in temple of ancients
you can miss barrett's ultimate weapon
there are plenty of things you can miss......... however tifa's limit break is not one

User Info: Doerainesu

8 years ago#6
crap, I just found this (wish I did before making a topic about it)

{M5.4} Tifa's Piano |
In the flashback Cloud gets the first opportunity to play the Piano in Tifa's
room. Memorize the tune and it will bebefit you later.

When you get to Nibelheim the first time for real, you can play Tifa's Piano
again. The following sequence iw the tune as heard in the flashback:

X, [], Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+[], X, [], Triangle, L1+X, O, X, [], X.

If you play this sequence THREE times, you will get 1 gil from the Piano, aka
Tifa's Secret savings. It's important you get this. Why? Read on..

When you're in control of Tifa as the team's leader, head back to Nibelheim and
inspect the Piano again. You'll receive the Elemental Materia, but ONLY if
you've gotten the 1 gil earlier.

And lastly, as most people know, after you've got Cloud back, head back to
Nibelheim, with Tifa in your party, and play the tune again. You'll get Tifa's
Final Limit Break, Final Heaven, and a letter from Zangan, her teacher.

looks like the only times you miss out on anything are if you miss the one gil when visiting for real and miss playing as tifa
PSN ID/XBL Gamertag: Doerainesu

User Info: phiefer3

8 years ago#7
That FAQ quote is wrong.

The 1 gil is not a requirement for getting the elemental materia. Here's how the piano works, there are 3 "prizes" you can get the from the piano, and they're all COMPLETELY UNRELATED:

Tifa's final Limit Break: can't be missed. Play the correct tune after getting Cloud back after the Lifestream events.

Elemental Materia: You must have chosen the "jam on it" option during the flashback near the start of the game. It does not matter what you played on it while jamming, you don't even have to play anything you can just choose jam and then press start to quit. Then when Tifa is the party leader go back to the piano and go to play it (I don't recall if you have to play the tune or not, but I don't think so) and Tifa will comment about Cloud playing it and you get the Elemental Materia.

Secret Savings of 1 gil: You will randomly get this after playing the piano at any time outside of the flashback. It doesn't not matter who is the party leader, or when you play it, nor does it matter what you play. You can also get this multiple times, it's just a random event that happens sometimes. Obviously this can't be missed either.
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