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Favorite Menu Color?

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User Info: rugoodat

8 years ago#1
Mine is gray on the left and dark blue on the right.

User Info: SuperZeldaFan

8 years ago#2
just plain dark red all around
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User Info: ferdk16

8 years ago#3
when i discovered i could change the color, i did a rainbow-like thingy, as you can guess, not cool at all, so i ended up with a turquoise-like color, from lighter to darker, like a gradient.

User Info: rugoodat

8 years ago#4
I just found this site.

My favorite is Black Waltz

User Info: Mr__GTA

8 years ago#5
Green to Dark Green.
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User Info: confuyou

8 years ago#6
Default ftw.
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User Info: Raptor08

8 years ago#7
top left corner: white, to middle: red, then to bottom right corner: dark red.

User Info: reno385

8 years ago#8
Deep red fading to black, from top to bottom.
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User Info: SpartanFREAK

8 years ago#9
Dark Purple on the sides and Black along the middle
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User Info: Jukain

8 years ago#10
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