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W-Item trick

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User Info: the_7th_son

8 years ago#1
Im having a little trouble witht he W-item glitch - and I was wondering if anyone could clear it up for me.
What im doing is selecting W-item, using the first item (say hi-potion) then selecting the second hi potion, then cancelling back the the battle menu with X....

I cant see what im doing wrong - but all thats happening is Im losing one potion for every time I try it...
was the glitch fixed for the european version or something?
I miss random battles....

User Info: Awatts4

8 years ago#2
Dont cancel all the way back to the battle menu just deselect the second item while still in the W-item menu. Overall you should press O to open the W-itm menu, then O to select the item u want to dupe, then O again to confirm it, then O to select a second item, then X to cancel the second selection. After this press O again then X and O,X,O,X,O,X in that pattern. (This is assuming you have the default controls on, if not, just switch the X's and O'x in what I said.)
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User Info: the_7th_son

8 years ago#3
thanks a lot - it worked.
I miss random battles....

User Info: BigTrams

8 years ago#4
W-Item Morph is easy too...IF you want to max out stats simply follow these steps:
This only works on PSX and PS2
Easiest place is the downed Shinra plane
Make sure you have Yuffie with her Conformer
Have one other character with the W-Item materia
THe most important thing here is to have a BATTLE item in your top slot of items...make sure you only have 1 of these items because when you use this item you want the space to be clear so your source can go here

Attack the creature once or twice to lower some of it's HP
Select the morph option with Yuffie
Quickly switch to your character before Yuffie starts morphing
Select W-Item and then use the first item in your inventory
When it prompts you to select the second item simply do NOTHING
When the creature starts to spin from the morph press the open or eject button on your playstation
There will be no enemy but the battle will continue allowing you to simply pressOXOXOXOXOXOXO as you do with the original W-Item glitch.


User Info: kevwaffles

8 years ago#5
^ I'm 99% sure that works on a PS3 as well if you are playing it with discs. It's only if you are playing it without something to eject where you have an issue.
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