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great glacier map *updated

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User Info: jekoln

8 years ago#1
i redid the map, adding the missing items and putting down snowboard landing points, also mentioning the infinite elixers possibility.

i'm putting this in a new thread just in case anyone missed it from the last one. for context, this map has been rejected twice by the gamefaqs mods for being too "overspecialized".

User Info: unknownrpg

8 years ago#2
Bump for support

Keep submitting until they see it's worth putting up
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User Info: Digitek_X

8 years ago#3
Excellent work!
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User Info: jekoln

8 years ago#4
(just wrote this out in the note section, trying for the third time to have the map accepted. we'll see if it gets accepted today)

This was rejected twice, for oversaturation and overspecialized. I put it on the Final Fantasy VII message board and said that it was rejected for those reasons, the message board posters were all positive toward the map and gave suggestions, which I did incorporate (missed two items, added snowboard landing positions). This map is acceptable for posting, and is not overspecialized or oversaturated. As far as being either overspecialized or oversaturated, the Great Glacier area is a significant area that can be confusing and annoying (as posters has stated). It does not have an in-game map and is maze-like, with mostly-white areas that repeat over and over. There are no maps or specific guides for this area. I checked all of the FAQs listed, and here is the break down for this area.

alex - no map, very slim guide
absolute steve - slim ascii map, link to external map, guide
aardvark - slim ascii map
btb - no visuals, guide
kao - map of several small snippets, guide
arctic - no visuals, very minimal guide that doesn't even label the area great glacier
dark angel - no visuals, no guide
djellybean - no visuals, no guide
djsixpack - no visuals, no guide
exdeath - no visuals, no guide
spmkillie - no visuals, slim guide
masamune2 - no visuals, no guide
slwata - no visuals, no guide
mhobbs - no visuals, no guide
ranma - no visuals, no guide
rocketdive2001 - no visuals, no guide

User Info: Nightwen

8 years ago#5
Great job, just wish I had it when I was there on my last playthrough.
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User Info: hermitmaster

8 years ago#6
Very nice!
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User Info: jekoln

8 years ago#7
it was finally accepted, so it looks like tenacity won out. i actually got a real comment from the mod, though. they say they turn down final fantasy vii stuff all of the time, which must be because the current FAQs are so bloated. so on one hand, most of the stuff that they have getting submitted is junk, on the other, it blocks out everything from getting through, even something somewhat needed, like a great glacier map.

User Info: Fundles420

8 years ago#8
Alright man it got accepted! Good job!

User Info: unknownrpg

7 years ago#9
Glad they finally got some sense to accept it

There are too many guides with incorrect information in them and we need newer, more fresh guides to be accepted.
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User Info: WingedMasamune

7 years ago#10
Glad they finally got some sense to accept it

There are too many guides with incorrect information in them and we need newer, more fresh guides to be accepted.

I have a newer and fresh guide...*sigh* it was rejected due to oversaturation...
At least we know that it really is just because they reject things just to do so. Shame they don't actually pay attention to the submissions have the time. However, congratulations on getting the map accepted.
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