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master tonberry?

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User Info: ZLuxray626

7 years ago#1
how does this thing die!? It's killed off two of my party members and still won't die! Please help!
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User Info: ZLuxray626

7 years ago#2
wow that's cheap, just finished me off -_-
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User Info: sniperfox29

7 years ago#3
And what prevented you from reviving the other characters? Tonberry isn't exactly the quickest enemy in the world, you normally have bags of time in between attacks.

To answer your question, inflicting him with STOP and POISON work wonders, and then bash away with stong magic, double cut and summons. Simple (if a bit time consuming, hence poison to speed things up).
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User Info: gmo7897

7 years ago#4
If memory serves me correcly, MT has 44,444 HP and an attack that does damage based on the number of kills that character has (Everyone's grudge) and one instant kill (knife). If you have it, KotR works wonders. Other than that, slow and stop work. Double-/4x-cut are good. Poison.

If you have Morph, you can morph them for a Ribbon.
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User Info: shadow666

7 years ago#5
You may not want to attack too fast. Everyone's Grudge is used when you attack twice during one of their turns, so if that's what's killing you then just throwing everything at it isn't always a good idea. The knife is just an instant death attack, get some Death protection and you can take your time.
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User Info: Harbing3r

7 years ago#6
I hope you werent playing a 'no saves, no revival, no materia' challenge.
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User Info: ZLuxray626

7 years ago#7
lol no this is actually my first runthtough and I was on my way to kill sephy but this stupid thing killed me
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User Info: Jukain

7 years ago#8
Safety Bit accessory or Added Effect=Destruct materia work well to prevent Chef's Knife. Everyone's Grudge, however, is a different beast altogether. It's not an easy fight, to be sure, but Stop/Poison abuse is the best way to go, typically speaking. Or just Omnislash/Highwind/Doom of the Living/Ultimate End him to oblivion.
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User Info: j0xide

7 years ago#9
Master Tomberries are very useful for levelling your limit breaks on characters. Just make sure someone has a Safety Bit

User Info: SubZerosbrother

7 years ago#10
Freeze works wonders on the master ton berry also because it causes stop.
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