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Is it true that there will absolutely never be a remake?

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  3. Is it true that there will absolutely never be a remake?

User Info: XxPiccoloxX

6 years ago#1
Sorry, somebody probably asks this every other week. I just started getting active on gamefaqs for the first time in awhile.

I heard square officially made a statement saying they would never remake this game because it would take well over 10 years. Is this true? I still like to think that square has secretly been working on it for years and years and they will eventually do it, but who knows. It would have to be a very unique re-make; they would have to try to keep the charm that the re-rendered background had. Same with the music, they can re-make all they want, but there is something about that 1997 tecnhology sound.
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User Info: hiddenuser2000

6 years ago#2
if there is a remake

i want cloud to have cherry blossom as a joke(if they made it good that would be cool)
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User Info: Shamous255

6 years ago#3
I've personally given up on it sadly, they really shouldn't have made that tech demo 5-6 years ago, thats what basically started all this.

What I don't get is they can pump out;
before crisis, advent children, dirge of cerberus, crisis core, acc, but somehow can't muster enough time to remake the game that started it all.

Deep down I think it will happen.. eventually. However by then I'll probably be too old to care anymore(22 now), after looking forward to it for so long. If they don't start after versus though.. which is 99.999376% likely, I think I'm gonna have to try and completely forget about it, which is gonna be hard for me personally, it's my fav game.

I'm normally not one for remakes. However every now and then a certain game comes along, that needs to live on because of the impact it had on people and the industry as a whole. It redefined the genre and touched alot of people. Love it or hate it, the game was BIG when it came out.

Anyhoo we'll see what happens after versus. I'm not holding my breathe though. =P
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User Info: Zero3696

6 years ago#4
I think they still might, once they run out of good ideas. It may not be a full remake, maybe a touched-up remake for a handheld system, but hopefully, they go all-out when they do decide to remake this. I also won't mind a cartoon or 3d series of the FF7.

User Info: RinkuTanuki

6 years ago#5

From: Zero3696 | #004
I think they still might, once they run out of good ideas.

That ship sailed awhile ago.

User Info: JCourChesNe

6 years ago#6
They have to Remake 5 and 6 first. They've remade the first 4, so I don't see why not 7 wont get it eventually. Square has recently been trying to stray from only doing RPG and are expanding their repertoire. So basically, it'll probably be a long time away, and it sure as hell better not be for the DS.

User Info: RinkuTanuki

6 years ago#7
Also, inb4kittens

User Info: Drifter_sion

6 years ago#8
These are fan-boy dreams, and we would do better to let them die with the title itself.
(harsh words for a harsh reality)
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User Info: phiefer3

6 years ago#9
There is never anything "absolute" about it. They could potentially change their minds and decide to make one at any moment, but as far as has actually been said, they are not planning to, nor do they have any future plans to do a remake. Some of the creators have made small comments along the lines of "they'd like to" or something similar, but given the general nature of their culture and the context, all those comments amount to nothing more than them saying "if the company decides to do it then we'll do it", in other words those comments don't really tell us anything. Also, these comments usually also contain statements about how they're working on different projects with different schedules and that there's just not any foreseeable time that they'd all be able to do it.

As for this part:
I still like to think that square has secretly been working on it for years and years
Sorry, no we already know this isn't true. It's not like Square is some big mysterious thing that just randomly puts out games without any knowledge of what's going on within it. We know the work that the creators of FF7 have been doing over the years, they've been working on other games. They've made comments on the subject of a remake. The idea that they've been secretly working on a remake all this time just doesn't work.
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User Info: KrossRoads

6 years ago#10
Well then, should we start slaying kittens, or has the TC learned his lesson? In that case we will pet the kittens and continue to hope another remake topic never threatens their cute, fuzzy lives again.
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  3. Is it true that there will absolutely never be a remake?

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