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materia order

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User Info: wesleyofbartje

5 years ago#1
does it matter if you do for ecample elemental - fire on your armor or does it need to be fire - elemental
GT wesleysas

User Info: Shirado15

5 years ago#2

i don't believe that matters. I'm almost certain i had Fire-elemental when i went against Zolom and it worked.

User Info: wesleyofbartje

5 years ago#3
yep thats the plan zylom is going down !
GT wesleysas

User Info: Shirado15

5 years ago#4

Hah good luck. I personally tried it twice and once died from exact damage. So i decided to go through the cave and get yuffie and try it later.

User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

5 years ago#5
The order doesnt matter. But i suggest u put everyone in the back row & go in with limits. If u got ice2 spam those until he gets up. Then use a limit to get someone booted. Then use another limit to get him to Beta. Then if ur alive with both ppl use last 2 limits or heal. I can usually kill him right after Beta (but i always have everyones lvl 1-3 limits so i ungarmax, earth rave, & meteorain him)

This is all assuming ur tryin ur 1st time going 2 swamp.

Otherwise u just kick his *** with someone having elemental+fire & ur eskill materia

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#6
Well with those limits already useable your better off just using Aqualung to drain over 2000 HP and laser or Demi to force it to use beta.

After all by the time I had meteor rain usable not only did I not enter Rocket Town yet since I gained it via the forest closest to that town I had Cloud like at level 45 at the time.

But when I first could fight the it I did have Elemental: Fire set but only had level 12 to 15 party members and I still had Beta in the back row still do at least 1500 damage to everybody at once.

However I didn't have my max HP that high when its first fightable either since I had Beta kill everybody at once.

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

5 years ago#7
Sadness will do wonders when trying to learn Beta from the Midgar Zolom for the first time, so make you sure have plenty of tranquilizers!

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#8
Well even under sadness status back row party members I still had a level 12 to 15 party still lose around 1500 damage to all from Beta but none of my party members had over that amount of HP.

Which is why I had to kind of fight it after being able to equip the fire ring and by then I had both Meteor rain usable and hit levels over 40.

User Info: xPsychoMantis

5 years ago#9
Materia order doesn't matter in the way that you mentioned, but in more complicated materia setups, the order can matter. For example, having multiple types of counters will result in the earliest counter equipped to a character to take priority over the others and go first. This is the same for having multiple Final attacks and sneak attacks.

Actually, I have a question about this that someone here may be able to answer. I know that Final Attack, Sneak attack, and all counters share the same command space and is limited to 8 of these, but I've read that this means that "only the first eight counter effects placed on a character will be used." My question is about how this is done. Suppose I have 16 counter attacks with a 30% success rate each. The statement seems to imply that this is equal to having 8 counter attacks with 30% success rate and thus the 8 counter attacks are placed into command space before success/fail is calculated. Does the game do this or does the game calculate success/fail of each counter until it is filled up with 8 counters/all are checked?

Also, is this "counter" command space shared amongst the party? For a simple example, if I have 8 sneak attacks on each of my party members, would each member potentially have 8 sneak attacks or is it 8 sneak attacks total for the whole party?


This is a bit picky, but the guides seem to say that the first 8 placed chronologically on a character would be used. While I'm pretty sure they meant the first 8 placed sequentially from left to right, the word chronologically would imply that a materia equipped at an earlier time than another would take priority over the materia equipped later. I really doubt the game even keeps track of this, but I suppose I may as well ask to make sure.
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User Info: WingedMasamune

5 years ago#10
As far as my knowledge goes, and in this regard not so much as the rest of it.

Each character should be able to perform 8 forms of counters. Meaning once you've reached an eighth that's it. Any extra and it's pretty much wasted. So my best guess is yes, you can have a total of 24 counters in a round. Though I'm not sure if it would work that way in practice. I might be wrong as well.

If you have 10 counter attacks equipped, and say the first 7 hit, but the 8th does not, I'm almost positive (almost as I've never done extensive testing) that the 9th and 10th counter attacks will not be triggered.

So I don't think the actual success of the counter matters, only that it was used.

Of course, someone far better suited to this type of question ought to confirm or correct my interpretation.

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