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Other games like Final Fantasy?

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User Info: mrtungtwista

6 years ago#1
I'm rather new to RPG's and wanted to know what else is similar to the Final Fantasy series? I recently beat FF7 and I'm on disc one of FF8 (you've probably seen my noob questions posted on the boards). Absolutely loving both games. The production values are so high. The gameplay has a lot of depth. I love that the story really feels epic in scope. After FF8 I plan on completing FF9. Are there other RPG's that are like these?
Thanks in advance.

User Info: nibelungmalesti

6 years ago#2
If your looking for epic I'd go for star ocean till the end of time...but as for similar I don't know of any games similar to the final fantasy series...but try out wild I haven't really found an rpg I didn't like but definitely check out star ocean aka sotet...
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#3
well, not much out there that is FF-like, but i can recommend some in general. also, the FF's are gonna change dramatically when you hit ten and up. anyway, heres a list of must play rpg's.

the xenosaga series, (theres 3) the grandia series, (also 3) shadow hearts 1 and 2,

chrono cross, kingdom hearts 1, 2, chain of memories, legend of legaia, legend of

dragoon, vagrant story, lost odyssey, magna carta 2, (i HIGHLY recommend this one),

and the tales games. tales of symphonia/the abyss/vesperia. ill end the list here.

xenosaga, grandia 2 and 3, shadowhearts 1 and 2, tales of the abyss, and the 3

kingdom hearts games are all ps2. legaia, dragoon, chrono cross, and vagrant story are

all ps1. tales of symphonia is gamecube. and lost odyssey, tales of vesperia, and

magna carta 2 are for the 360. i know i went sorta off topic, so sorry for that, but these

are all great. the closest to FF, would probably be chrono cross, for the great music and


edit: i second star ocean til the end of time, and wild arms 5.

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User Info: TomorrowDog

6 years ago#4
Chrono Trigger is another Square game from the SNES era. While it is a generation older, the production values were still fantastic and it has stood the test of time well.

It had a sequel on PS, Chrono Cross. CC has a very strategic and complex battle system, but it does have some flaws. The story is complex, but it is also a bumbling mess. There are dozens of playable characters, but the characterization is horrible. Non-boss encounters also fail to utilize the battle system and are just pure grinding, which players are obligated to do in between each boss because of a perplexing level up system.

Xenogears is another big name you'll hear. It is a game that had the ambition to be another Final Fantasy, but seems to have run in to budget/schedule trouble. The battle system is buggy and shallow and the pacing is eye-poppingly bad at times. Once you've dug through it it does have a mind-blowing plot though.
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#5
oh yeah, as nibelung's name..ahem, sort of suggests, valkyrie profile is a good choice. if you can afford it. youll run into that problem with xenogears too. greedy punks, and their $150 games.

a warning about VP though. its very tough just to complete the game. you can fail the game, and the story takes some work to find. you may wanna break the "no walkthrough til a second playthrough" for this one. that is of course, unless youre feeling cocky:)
No man cometh unto the FATHER, but through me.
-The LORD JESUS CHRIST. John 14 verse 6.

User Info: Familiarfantasy

6 years ago#6
Super Mario RPG!
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User Info: Jimbowesker

6 years ago#7

The only ones that even came remotely close for me were Legend of Legaia & Legend Of Dragoon. They aren't the on same level as the FF series (well besides the new FFs) but they are great games and I recommend em to any RPG fan.

User Info: nibelungmalesti

6 years ago#8
^oh yeah oops forgot lol. Valkyrie profile for the ps1 is gonna be hard to find cheap...try vp:sylmmeria<---or however its spelled...I do have 1 game in my opinion you should definitely never pick up or even look at...odin sphere its 2D and the game mechanics are extremely boring...but if you like stylized art and nordic mythology then definitely don't pick this 1 up...just kidding...but seriously its awfulx(
>The arcana is the means by which all is revealed< All hail Cthulhux(

User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#9
i agree. everybody was like, odin sphere this, and odin sphere that, so i picked a copy up. good thing gamestop has a "bring back a used game in 7 days for something else, no questions asked" policyXD its beautiful...just horrible to play.

edit: i forgot to put in my previous post, that the original grandia will be pricey on the ps1, but can be gotten on the psn for like $10, iirc. as can WA 1 and 2, if you dont mind the old system graphics,.i dont, and id say you dont, if youre playing those older FF's. wait til you play FF9. youre in for a treat. the music is simply outstanding, and the game all-in-all is great. also, SO:TtEoT and wild arms 5 are both on ps2. i may just go play one of those right now, lol.
No man cometh unto the FATHER, but through me.
-The LORD JESUS CHRIST. John 14 verse 6.

User Info: KOTRsss

6 years ago#10
Unfortunately, the FF series is a rather unique gem in the midst of the JRPG genre. I'd be lying to you if I told you that you'd be able to find a similar experience elsewhere.

Definitely (as in your first stop) play Xenogears, and feel free to give Grandia a try although I couldnt stand it. Final Fantasy Tactics is a great game as well, though I strongly recommend against the retranslation. If you're willing to go back beyond the PSX era, then CT is a phenomenal JRPG, and FFVI and FFV to a lesser extent are both great games.

If you go past the PSX, you're not going to find much that compares to the FFVII and FFVIII style. FFX is not a bad game although if you have voice acting standards you're going to struggle with appreciating it. FFX-2 is one of the better JRPGs on the PS2 if you're not turned off by the silly girlish overtones. Xenosaga games arent bad, but they're so unpolished that you cant go in expecting a whole lot. As individual games they are quite enjoyable, but as a trilogy they clearly couldnt finish what they started.

PS3 all I can recommend is Nier, which is the only JRPG I have played this generation that actually succeeded in making me care about characters, remember music with a twinge of nostalgia, and look forward to finding out what would happen next.
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