Controller Problems (Analog Stick)

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User Info: jhoke13

7 years ago#1
I play this game on my pc with my Xbox360 controller. Everything worked fine except the analog stick was WAY TOO sensitive. To the point where it made the game unplayable with the 360 pad and I had to use the keyboard. I tried configuring the options but they were no help either and there seems to be no way to turn off the analog stick or assign the digital pad as directions.

I looked around everywhere and didn't find any answers, so after figuring out a good fix I thought I'd share for anyone else who may run into this issue.

*Keep in mind that I used an Xbox360 controller but this should work for any controller that has an overly sensitive analog stick*

Open your Final Fantasy 8 setup utility. Go to the input tab and setup your controller however you like. Just make sure the controller option is checked when you configure it. You will notice that you can't change the directional input to make it usable with the D-Pad instead. For some reason it just doesn't recognize it.

You will need to get JoyToKey. It is a program that will allow you to setup a controller to work for just about any game (even non-games) and it is very handy. Just google for it; It's free and shouldn't be hard to find.

Once you have JoyToKey you need to set up a profile to use for your game. Just launch the program and click on the create button (it should be on the bottom left); Name it whatever you want.

Now all you have to do is tweak a few options on joystick 1 and you're almost be done. Click on the other tab on the far right. Make sure the box Use POV Switches is checked. Now click back on the joysticks tab and you may have noticed more options were added to the list.

Go to the list and find POV1:UP. Double click on it and a new window should pop up with three stacked input boxes on the left side. The top left one should be highlighted.

Whatever keyboard button you press will be assigned to the top left box. You will want to make sure that it is the same button that Final Fantasy 8 recognizes as "UP" on the keyboard input settings. The default setting in FF8 config is "Arrow-Up" so if you have never changed the keyboard settings it should be the same.

Press the button (on your keyboard) that you wish to assign and hit ok.

Set all of the POV1 switches up this way. So if you used the default setup it would look something like this:

button keyboard

POV1:UP Arrow-Up
POV1:RIGHT Arrow-Right
POV1:DOWN Arrow-Down
POV1:LEFT Arrow-Left

One final step and you are done. Now you need to turn off the analog stick so that it won't mess with you while your trying to play.

Go to the folder you installed your FF8 Game to and find the file "ff8input.cfg" (make a backup if you a scared about screwing something up). If you double click on it you will be prompted with two choices along the lines of searching the internet for a program or from a list of programs on your computer; choose the "from a list option". Then find a text editing program like Notepad on the list it gives you. If there is a box that says "always open with this program" make sure to UNCHECK IT and then click ok.

Now you should see lots of text that looks something like this:

1. "select" 32

Find numbers 11 - 14 ("up","down",etc.) and change the right-most number to 0.
It should look like this when you finish:

11. "up" 0
12. "down" 0
13. "left" 0
14. "right" 0

Save the file and you are done. Now you should be able to play the game with the Xbox360 D-pad instead of the wonky analog sticks. I hope this helps anyone out there who has had this problem with their controllers. Thanks.

GT: Element H

User Info: jhoke13

7 years ago#2
BTW; Make sure JoyToKey is running in the background while you are playing FF8.
GT: Element H - "Never miss a good chance to shut up"
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