Where is the point of no return?

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User Info: Kirjath_Emet

9 years ago#1
I played FFVIII a long time ago and beat it, but I decided I wanted to try it out again. I ripped it onto my PSP and have been having some fun with it. Problem is I was hoping to do a LOT of the side quests and games and such and I can't remember where I need to stop to get them done. I know fourth disk has walls around all the towns, but I can't remember if there was a way to get all those quests done anyway.

So here's the question: At what point do you guys stop and grind levels/complete quests/find items/draw magic until your fingers bleed? Is there an event or point in the story that you stop after and grind away?
after gettign the airship.
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User Info: BFulks777

9 years ago#3
The point of no return is when you fight Seifer in the Lunatic Pandora in disc 3. If you are in the Lunatic Pandora before then, you can always go back to the airship, but after that, good luck.

User Info: MJPK

9 years ago#4
Is it posable to put FF8 on your psp?

User Info: FOS_Hawk

9 years ago#5
Technically it would be Disc 4 since you can't go into any towns from that point on, and although it's been awhile I don't think you can fight Ultima Weapon ether. so basically like the above poster said, after you fight Seifer on the LP. I usually wrap everything up after I get the Ragnarok anyway.

User Info: Fallacia

9 years ago#6
You can still enter the Deep Sea Research Center, Lunar Crash Site, Trabia Canyon, Tears Point, Centra Ruins, and the various Chocobo Forests. Of course, I suppose the Ragnarok and Ultimecia's Castle go without saying.

You can still face off against Bahamut and Ultima Weapon if you didn't do it on Disc 3. Although, for some reason I was thinking that Mobile Type 8 was the point of no return in Lunatic Pandora. Either way, it's a good idea to finish up all sidequests involving the various towns and Balamb Garden before entering Lunatic Pandora with the Ragnarok since they are inaccessible on Disc 4.
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User Info: orius

9 years ago#7
I was going to say there really isn't a point of no return in this game, but I forgot about the Time Compression. Yes, any town sidequests that you want to complete, do so before fighting Seifer in the LP. The only thing I can think of offhand is the Queen of Cards sidequest, and while you can still play her on Disk 4, she's a real pain to play at the end of the game. Also, make sure you access all the shops before then, have all the rare cards, and are finished fighting the Elnoyle guy in Esthar.

But besides the towns, you can still go back to the world map on Disk 4. You can return to the Ragnarok by using the hidden 4th portal on the chains, and you can play the CC members if you did that sidequest. That still leaves you with plenty of of card playing. If you accessed all the shops, you can still buy stuff from them with Tonberry. Even if you haven't gotten Tonberry yet, you can stil buy stuff from Joker on the Ragnarok.

Utlimecia's room is sort of the point of no return, but since entering just starts the final battle, you don't really have to worry. There's a save point just before you enter the room.

User Info: LegendEX

9 years ago#8
Posted 2/13/2008 5:17:35 PM
message detail Is it posable to put FF8 on your psp?


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