Having a hard time figuring out how to abolish rules

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User Info: SomaCruz01

9 years ago#1
Yes I have read Sister's faq, and I understand about 25% of it. It's very confusing for me, I'm sorry if my ignorance bothers you people, but not everyone can grasp a concept easily so please have some patience with me. I can tell you what I want to do and maybe someone can help me out.

Balamb: Open(This one is fine)
Dollet: Random and Elemental( I only want random to disappear)
Galbadia: Same(This one is fine)
FH: Elemental and Sudden Death(This one is fine)
Esthar: Elemental and Same Wall (hidden)(I want to get rid of same wall)
Trabia: Plus and Random( Both of these have go to go)
Centra: Same/Plus and Random (want to get rid of all and replace w/ same,open,elemental or sudden death if possible)
Lunar: Open, Same/Plus/Same Wall, Elemental, Random, Sudden Death (all
rules)( I have no idea how long it would take to get rid of most of these rules, so I'm not going to bother unless this area has goo9d cards)

Also what rules are in play on the Ragnarok after Time Compression( I have defeated all CC members)

Well there it is, I hope someone has the patience to help/tell me what I need to do.
btw I have not messed up Balambs rule

User Info: TekLaris

9 years ago#2
If I understand things correctly, in order to spread or abolish a rule in a given region, you need to be carrying a rule that region doesnt know.

Taking your Dollet as an example (random, ouch), you would need to go to a region with at least one rule Dollet doesnt know (Galbadia would work, since it has Same and Dollet doesn't,) pick up their rules by challenging them and saying No until they stop asking to mix rules, then saying Yes and backing out at the rules screen. Then go back to Dollet (save outside first) and challenge someone there. Say yes when they offer to mix rules, then when you get to the rules screen, quit.

In the above example, the possibilities are:
Same will spread (reset the game)
Elemental will be abolished (reset)
Random will be abolished (what you want)
or nothing will happen, in which case you can try again, as long as the player keeps offering to mix rules. If no rules abolish/spread, and the person you are challenging stops asking to mix rules, reset.

So in short: pick up a rule your target region doesnt know, mix rules, and retry/reset til the rule you want spreads/abolishes.

Also, I have no idea how a rule abolishes when a region has ALL of them like Lunar does....I know it can happen, because Plus abolished while I was playing Piet for Alexander. For the record, I know Piet has Alexander and Ellone has Laguna, but I don't know whether these cards can be acquired elsewhere later (and easier than that card-rule minefield, ugh)

User Info: phiefer3

9 years ago#3
When a region has all 7 rules, when playing the game will randomly pick one of the rules and abolish it for you, so that you can then use that rule to abolish the others. (it may take a few tries before it decides to auto-abolish for you).

As for the disc 4 CC group, each of them uses the trade rules from a different region (essentially each one of them becomes that region). I'm sure who uses what region's rules is in Sister's FAQ somewhere. Off hand all I know is that Diamond uses Trabia's rules, and King uses Lunar's rules (and nobody uses Galbadia's rules since there are 8 regions and only 7 people).

Also, in your list of what you want to change, there's no reason for you to try and get rid of Same Wall. It is literally hidden when Same is not also being used. This means that it's not seen or used unless Same is also there. And even when it is there, all it does is make the outside edge of the playmat count as A's for the Same rule, so it can only hurt you if your opponent has a card with an A on it to put against the outside while still matching at least 1 of your cards. So even when it is being used, it might as well not be there because you're most likely not going to see it enforced.

User Info: Starloving_Fool

9 years ago#4
Don't forget that, to have an easier time with the Card Game, you spread Open everywhere you can.

With your current rules, you could, for example, carry Balamb's rule of Open to Dollet and try to spread Open to Dollet (and try to abolish Random at the same time). Once Open has spread or Random has been abolished, you'll need to move on. If Open has spread, go to Timber and get the Same rule and use it to try to knock out Dollet's Random.

That's what worked best for me, though I had to reset several times.

I used to think my opinion was valid; now, I know better. >_>
"How can I find love when I cannot even co-exist?"

User Info: SomaCruz01

9 years ago#5
Alright, thanks for your help guys. I understand it a little better.

User Info: SomaCruz01

9 years ago#6
I would like to thank the people who helped me figure this out, I feel kinda stupid. I was making it out to be harder than it really is, it's actually quite easy. Again I thank you guys for taking the time to help me, I very much appreciate it! ( =
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