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Elnoyles and Energy crystals (the faqs didn't help sadly)

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User Info: CJ_SAVAGE

9 years ago#1
Hey, so I'm in Esthar trying to farm Energy crystals from Elnoyles but I'm having problems, I have a party of lv 23/23/25 with rare item equipped and 100 death junctioned to st-attack without using mug. Everytime I defeat one I seem to get 6 wizard stones, and I don't wanna keep battling them cos I'll level up when I don't want to, Is there something I'm doing wrong or is there a more productive place to gain them? (curse Quistis's final weapon.)

Another thing, this might deserve a second topic but I was just wondering. In the tutorial/information page it talks about Galbadia and I quote

"countless invasions of other countries are attempted, but most are deterred by seed."

Apart from Dollet what other countries could they have attempted to invade? Balamb? (A tiny town.) FH? (Actually a train station/pacifist city state who hate SeeD.) Esthar? (Superpower isolated until the 3rd disc.) Theres no-one else to invade? Sounds like a pretty easy job for SeeD.

Anywayz, thanks for the help.
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User Info: jascla92

9 years ago#2
You need high level Elnoyles to produce energy crystals (remember to mug one for a moonstone for Irvine) but Elnoyles are immune to Level-Up. You'll need at least one high level character to get them.

I actually played enough cards to get Quistis' best weapon before leaving for Timber on disc one.
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User Info: Fade2black001

9 years ago#3
one easy way to get energy crystals is from fighting the elynoles in the flashback When Laguna and gang is escaping from Esther. Lvl still prolly plays apart in getting but i know its the best place in the whole game to get them though.

User Info: LongWay2Go

9 years ago#4

Yeah, they say that the easiest way to battle Elnoyles is somewhere in the Laguna sequence.

I fought a lot of Elnoyles in Esthar and that's where I got my supply of Energy Crystals.

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
9 years ago#5
The Elnoyle is the game's best source of energy crystals only above level 40. It's immune to Tonberry's level up, so if you don't want to raise the average level of your party you'll need a different source.

The next best source are Ruby Dragons. They're a more dangerous enemy but you can use level up on it. Get it above level 45 for a 20% chance of dropping 2 energy crystals. If you have Bahamut, this is one of those rare occasions where Rare Item actually helps; it goes up to about 60-65%, I'm not exactly sure. Don't leave it on, use it only while getting the Ruby Dragon's energy crystals. The best place to find them is on top of the cliffs north of Esthar.
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User Info: phiefer3

9 years ago#6
I'm fairly positive that it's impossible for Laguna to ever fight an Elnoyle. For one thing, they're not even an available enemy until after the Lunar Cry, and by then all of the Laguna sequences are long over.

You're probably thinking of Elastoids, but for them you again need to be high leveled, and the only time Laguna can fight them repeatedly is the 2nd sequence when at the Centra Excavation site. (there's also 1 or 2 that you fight in the last laguna sequence, but you can't farm them for laser cannons).

The best source is the fixed Elnoyle encounter on disc 3, the only downside is that it does require being high leveled. The next best choice would probably be fighting high level ruby dragons with rare item equipped (gives about a 45% chance of getting 2 energy crystals, IIRC), since you can use level up on them (and there are fixed encounters in the DSRC).
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