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Where can I find Remedy + at?

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User Info: slydderscope

9 years ago#1
I am trying to get the doom train RF and I have all of the Malbro parts and steel pipes. But I still need remedy +. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: irvine90

9 years ago#2
Angelo search.

User Info: Vilurum

9 years ago#3
Get Alexander (i.e. if you missed him on disc 2, wait until disc 4 and get him).
Have Alexander learn Med Data, the prereq for Med LV Up.
Have Alexander learn Med LV Up.
Buy 60 Remedies from a shop of your choice.
Use Med LV Up on those 60 Remedies to turn them into 6 Remedy+.
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User Info: renz0kuken

9 years ago#4
According to the table in the angelo search guides here, it seems remedy+ and remedy itself are impossible to get via angelo search.
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User Info: frozen_josh

9 years ago#5
Its true - whilst theoretically it should've been possible to get Remedy+ through Angelo Search (most likely all items in fact, except Ribbon / Friendship / Mog Amulet), in reality, with how the RNG was programmed, only a limited number of options are available. And remedy+ is not one of them. At least the oversimplified and hence flawed RNG allows for manual searching.

But this brings another method to obtain Remedy+ : Choco World!

(but given that hardly anyone has access to a Pocketstation, and even if you do how time consuming it is, 99.99% of players just go with Alexander method, as should you TC).
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  3. Where can I find Remedy + at?

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