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User Info: RogueNinjaZero

8 years ago#1
I need a list of the GF locations. im on the last disc and i only have diablos cerberus odin and the 4 beggining GFs. thank you in advance

User Info: taynted_fayth

8 years ago#2
some of the GFs like pandemoneum (spelling?) siren, alexander, leviathan..ect can only be drawn off bosses in earlier fights.

you can still get a few if you go back to the centra ruins, in the beginning area with the fountain fight about 20 tonberries in a row and the tonberry king will appear fight him and he'll join you

right by there there is a small island inbetween the desert of cenra and the ester continent, you should see the jumbo cactar running around (he disappears and reappears) fight him and get him

in the bottom left corner of the map there is a run down research facility (cant see it on the map) you can get bahamut and i believe eden (drawn off the ultima weapon at the very bottom of the facilty) - after u beat bahamut you will gain access to go down the hole to access the actual facility

and doomtrain require certain items, i cant remember which ones in particular but there is an occult magazine that has the info
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User Info: taynted_fayth

8 years ago#3
oh yeah and the brothers (bull looking dudes) are found in the cave/ruins just north of deling city
The One and Only Taynted Fayth, aka Dezron Deth.

User Info: Fallacia

8 years ago#4
***Spoilers for people other than the TC***

Quez - Initial through Tutorial or given by Quistis
Shiva - Initial through Tutorial or given by Quistis
Ifrit - Fire Cavern, mandatory
Siren - Drawn from Elvoret on the Dollet Comm. Tower **OR** optional boss Tri-Point in Ult. Castle.
Diablos - Obtained from Magical Lamp received from Cid before Timber mission.
Brothers - Complete Tomb of the Unknown King near Deling City.
Carbuncle - Draw from Iguions **OR** Draw from Krysta in Ult. Castle.
Leviathan - Draw from NORG **OR** Draw from Trauma in Ult. Castle.
Pandemona - Draw from Fujin **OR** Draw from Red Giant in Ult. Castle.
Cerberus - Fight in G. Garden **OR** Draw from Gargantua in Ult. Castle.
Alexander - Draw from Edea during the second battle **OR** Draw from Catoblepas in Ult. Castle
Bahamut - Defeat in Deep Sea Research Center (Bottom left corner of the map, land with Ragnarok.
Cactuar - Defeat Jumbo Cactuar on Cactuar Island.
Tonberry - Defeat 19-21 Tonberry enemies, then defeat Tonberry King when he appears.
Eden - Draw from Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Deposit **OR** draw from Tiamat in Ult. Castle.

Odin - If you want to have Odin on Disc 4, wait until Disc 4 to get him.
Gilgamesh - If you wish to have Gilgamesh on Disc 4, get Odin before the conclusion of Disc 3 since you can only have one or the other of these two pseudo-GFs.

Any GF you can draw from a boss, as well as Cerberus, can be obtained from Disc 4 by drawing them from the optional bosses in Ultimecia's Castle.

Alexander Draw from Catoblepas
Carbuncle Draw from Krysta
Cerberus Draw from Gargantua
Eden Draw from Tiamat
Leviathan Draw from Trauma
Pandemona Draw from Red Giant
Siren Draw from Tri-Point


You can obtain the Ragnarok on Disc 4 by taking the center portal on the chain leading to Ulty's Castle, getting a Chocobo from the forest, riding that Chocobo to the southern half of the Cetra Continent through the ocean shallows, then going east through the mountain range to find the Ragnarok in the Desert along with a fourth portal. If you completed the CC Group subquest, you'll find the CC members on board, capable of playing any level 7-10 card you've lost, refined, or never got in the first place.

***End Spoilers***

It's still possible for you to get all of the GFs except Gilgamesh at your current point in the game.

If you count your Chicobo as a GF, then you can get him by completing at least one Chocobo Forest out of the several strewn about the world. Look for tiny, spherical, forests that are seperated from any others. Complete one and you'll get Chicobo as a gift, though you can only power him up through the use of a pocketstation.
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User Info: RogueNinjaZero

8 years ago#5
im gonna restart

User Info: Darkdax55

8 years ago#6
thats a good idea
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