Getting Irvine's card

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User Info: maliciousbloke

8 years ago#1
I've tried everything I can think of, and Flo still hasn't used it in the game.

I lost sacred's card to the queen of cards, went and played Flo for THREE HOURS SOLID with no joy, then I guessed maybe I needed Irvine in my party, so I tried 50 or so games against her with him in the active party with no luck.

I've completed the card sidequest in balamb garden but i would like to get all the available cards before the end of disk three if possible.

Any idea why she isn't using it?

User Info: Vilurum

8 years ago#2
The QoC sidequest isn't as simple as just losing the card to the QoC and assuming that's all you need to do.

1. You have to do something specific for it to count as "giving" her a card for the sidequest. You have two options for this, mainly depending on if she's current in Dollet or currently elsewhere (ideally Balamb, since it has the best odds of sending her *to* Dollet).

- Lose the card to her, when she wants it (see below), in Dollet. (To make life easy on yourself, also make sure she goes to Balamb when you do that. But that's not technically required.)

- Lose the card to her, when she wants it, elsewhere. Get her to go to Dollet (to make life easy on yourself, have this be with the exact same card-loss). Go to Dollet yourself, and talk to her about her artist father in normal conversation.

2. Only once you "give" her the card, properly, as described above, will three things happen:

- The card you "gave" her will be moved to her son's hand. (Any other cards she might happen to have, she keeps.)
- The new card that's created as a result, will be in the appropriate hand for who's supposed to have it (Irvine card in Flo's hand, e.g.).
- The QoC will move down the list and now be wanting the next card.

3. The QoC wants cards in a specific order. If you try to give her a card before she wants it, she treats it like any other unrelated rare card (so she'll move to a new region, but not react otherwise). If you try to give her a card *after* she wants it (i.e. you've already given it to her successfully), same thing. It's only *when* she wants it, that she reacts specially. The order is:


4. Explanation being over with, I can see three possibilities for your current circumstances, but you didn't give enough details for me to narrow it down:

- You're trying to give her Sacred without having successfully given her MiniMog yet.

-- Solution: give her MiniMog "properly". She's already got Sacred, so get her to Dollet (lose Chicobo to move her, if she's not already there when MiniMog's all done), then talk to her about her father. (Twice, if you had to move her with Chicobo, so she'll also register Chicobo.)

- She's ready for Sacred, but you didn't give her the card "properly" (you said you lost it, so the only way this would work is if you lost it somewhere other than Dollet.

-- Solution: get her to Dollet if she's not already there (as above, use Chicobo to move her), then talk to her about her father (as above, twice if you also involved Chicobo).

- She was ready for Sacred and you gave it to her "properly" (easiest way to confirm that this one is the case, is to get Sacred back from her son; also, talking to the QoC in Dollet about her father will make her mention what card she wants next), but Flo is just being inhumanly stingy.

-- Solution: keep playing Flo.
- Vilurum Xaren, leader of the happy turtles, and knowitall.
... And if you can't spell "Vilurum", call me "Vil". :)
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