Getting Malboro Tentacles

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User Info: Nist0

8 years ago#1
So, I've finished off with Esthar and all that, and I'm on my way to get Doomtrain GF. Now i need some Malboro Tentacles, I managed to get a Malboro card, but It's a long road left. All in all, I've got 5 Malboro cards now, but as I said, a long road left. 4x Malboro cards will give you ONE Tentacle, and the cards are fairly rare.

Since this is the only Final Fantasy that I've not played through yet, I don't know if I can get Ragnarok from where I am right now... since I've seen that you can get Malboro tentacles straight of from Malboros in I. Closest to hell/heaven, I figured i might take the Ragnarok(If I get it on the same Island that Esthar lays, of course) there and get some tentacles. But then there is one more question, is it possible to miss the Doomtrain GF in that way?

Note that I've got everything needed to get Doomtrain, except for the tentacles as I mentioned.

Help is appreciated!

User Info: KnightsofWii

8 years ago#2
I got the Tentacles by save stating (yes I use a emulator), finding a Marlboro, and try to Mug and run. If it manages to Bad Breath me, I just load state.

Until I got lucky. Odin came in and took the Marlboro out, giving me 8 Tentacles and three levels. XP

And, IIRC, it isn't possible to miss Doomtrain. It's literally impossible if you already have the Solomon's Ring.
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User Info: RedXIII400

8 years ago#3
look around Esthar. That's where I Found 'em...just pray you have something that will save your ass come Bad Breath time...
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User Info: Vilurum

8 years ago#4
Finishing up all the events relating to Esthar will ultimately leave you in control of the Ragnarok.

Malboros never become unavailable (in fact, they become *easier* to meet later on - the encounter rate on the pre-Ragnarok Esthar overworld is very low). The only way Doomtrain can become unavailable is if you *sell* the Solomon Ring (it never becomes impossible to *get* it), or if you somehow permanently screw Alexander out of Med LV Up.

As for fighting Malboros, when well-prepared, it's harder to *meet* them than to *fight* them, so just do your prep work and *then* work on meeting them. Get ST-Def-x4 (Cerberus, Doomtrain itself, or use a Status Guard item on a GF of your choosing), and junction 100 each of Confuse, Berserk, Pain, and Sleep to status defense.

After you're hit with Bad Breath, you'll only be inflicted with Slow and Gradual Petrify; you can either remove these with status curing options, or just kill the Malboro before the timer hits zero. (Hint: Quistis's Degenerator limit is ridiculously godly and overpowered.)

Bare minimum alternative is to use merely ST-Def-x2 - also found on Siren and Carbuncle - and just junction Confuse and Berserk. You will, however, have to wait for sleep to wear off, and it'll be more important to cure your status effects afterward before getting to the killing.

Ideally you want all three party members to have ST-Def-x4 and the status defenses, but at least go for one, and try to make that one be Quistis so she can just Degenerator right off the bat.
- Vilurum Xaren, leader of the happy turtles, and knowitall.
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User Info: Nist0

8 years ago#5
Thanks for all your help, will keep all this in mind!

I just got Ragnarok and I got the ring, I'm off to bed and will try to get the tentacles, first thing in the morning.

Thanks again.

User Info: Ryan_117

8 years ago#6
You could also mod your Kiros card (admittedly a good card but still) for some Accelerators and get Auto-Haste to make yourself immune to slow and have some softs just in case
Kal Shek Nimron

User Info: Nist0

8 years ago#7
Went to the I. closest to Hell and got 8 out of him, success! Got the Doomtrain GF now.

Once again, thanks.
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