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User Info: KoRnKoB

8 years ago#1
Can somebody please tell me how to best junction my GF's?

Should I put junction all of them to the 3 active party members? And if so, which ones should I junction together? I just got Leviathan from NORG and I'm confused as to who should have him.

I have Shiva and Diablos on Zell, Quezacotl and Brothers on Rinoa, and Ifrit, Siren, and Carbuncle on Squall... But as certain GF's learn the elemental ATK and DEF abilities and Status ATK and DEF, I'm thinking I should move them around as my number of GF's grow...

Sorry for any poor grammar! Kinda rushing this message... Thanks for any help!
Thank you. Actually, I will give you a chunk of my own ass I appreciate the the help so much. *bleeds*----Darkfyr

User Info: sniperfox29

8 years ago#2

GF distribution guide, try reading it.
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User Info: Vilurum

8 years ago#3
In this particular case:

Put Leviathan on Squall. Move Siren to one of the other two to give them ST-Atk/Def junctions. (Doesn't matter which, but there's no point in having both Siren and Carbuncle on one character and no ST-Atk/Def GFs on either of the other two.)

Otherwise, you should have the five basic stats covered with each GF setup, so just expand from there as you get more GFs.
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