best way to AP farm aside of doing cactuar?

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User Info: kuter

7 years ago#1
recently did a new game and...i was wondering aside of Carding the Fish on the beach...any easier way?
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User Info: phiefer3

7 years ago#2
You can card Grendels in the forest near G-Garden. It's 6 ap per fight which is about the same as the fish (3ap per fish, usually 2 fish per fight). Those are basically the best methods you have until you get control of your first form of world travel (not named for spoiler reasons) on disc 2 at which point cactuars become available.

User Info: bungoman

7 years ago#3
Early on in the game I found abusing Seifer is the easiest way to gain AP. During the Dollet mission just kill Squall and Zell and have Seifer kill soldiers on the bridge (don't go past the point with the Anaconduar battle!). You want to stay on the bridge since the soldiers come in either packs of 1 or 3 there so you'll average 2 AP per battle since each amount of soldiers has a roughly equal chance of appearing. Since Seifer leaves your party it doesn't really matter if he gains experience. Make sure you put one GF on each character since they'll gain experience faster that way even though Squall and Zell are dead (and obviously won't be gaining experience themselves). Your first three GFs will get to level 100 long before they learn all their abilities.

The whole process, if you take it to the max, will take a few hours. It took me around 6, but I just watched some TV while doing it and the time went by fast. This method is nice since you really don't have to pay attention since Seifer is a beast and can pretty much take whatever is thrown at him early on. This allows you to just hold down X and move back and forth and just watch the screen out of the corner of your eye while you do something else that isn't mind numbing.

Also, while you're at it you might as well draw 400 of each spell that the soldiers carry (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure). When you get Seifer to around level 36 they'll consistently start to carry the next level of those spells. At around level 60 they'll start to have the third level. Each time you draw 100 of each spell just move them to another character and start again. Repeat until totally full. This will give your magic collection (and thus your junctions) a huge head start.

Pro-tip: When you get the elemental defense junction you can junction the Fire/Fira/Firaga you can draw from the soldiers to it and make Seifer absorb their fire spells which will keep him mostly healed.

After that though I've had lots of luck with T-Rexaurs in the training center. Carding them is super easy. Just make sure you have Shiva junctioned to someone and summon her. If you did the above grinding process and got her to level 100 with all the summon magic+ abilities she'll deal 9999 damage every time. Since T-Rexaurs have tons of HP this won't kill them but it will make them cardable in one try about 80-90% of the time from my experience. I've found you'll encounter T-Rexaurs about 50% of the time on the screen to the right of the save point (with the little bridges). Just run from the Grats since they're a waste of time and if you're doing a no level or low level game you'll probably end up accidentally killing them too often and gain too many levels thus making carding T-Rexaurs harder. Using this method I can manage to get 100 AP in about 10 to 15 minutes. It may not be the fastest, but like with the Seifer method you can do it without paying too much attention so its easy to do and watch TV at the same time.

The key to grinding in games like this is to find a method that allows you to multitask IRL so you don't go insane.

User Info: DeaMaxwell

7 years ago#4
Leveling GFs with Seifer is a waste of time.

When you get Diablos, the AP you'll earn getting him to learn Mug/Enc-Half/Enc-None will also get your other GFs all the abilities they need.
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User Info: beckhambender

7 years ago#5
Agree with above. AP farming with Seifer is useless as it doesn't count towards Diablos' highly useful abilities.

I agree with the Fastitocolons on the beach and also the Grendels in the forest where Laguna's 2nd scenario occurs. Of note, the Grendels are good to encounter because they drop Dragon Fangs which you'll need for Lionheart.

User Info: FrankyTheCyborg

7 years ago#6
I was going to suggest doing the Seifer method from Dollet, but instead, transplant the location and time of it. What do I mean by this? Use Edea alone in Esthar region when they're going from the launch pad back to Esthar (the only time you'll ever have Edea). Out there in Esthar area, you fight tons of Mesmerizes and they drop/Card Mod/Mug Mesmerize Blades which refine into items that sell for tons of cash. By then you'll have gotten Doomtrain too so you'll have tons of GFs in need of leveling (if you're doing a no-level game, since Edea isn't a permanent character either, and she starts out at an extremely high level compared to everyone else, 27 compared to the highest, Irvine at level 13) so by the time you get all your GFs to level 100 and learn all their abilities, you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with (unless you decide to buy things to refine Str-Ups and such). If you like to grind level and stuff like I do, at least. I'm planning to do that once I get to that point in the game.

User Info: VeghEsther

7 years ago#7
However spoiilers:-
-solo Edea vs Bad Breath sucks if you can't null beserk confusion sleep all at once since you WILL encounter the enemies that can use it (rarely) at that time.

User Info: Vilurum

7 years ago#8
If I farm with Edea, I prefer to do it in the salt lake. Vysages, Lefties, and Righties tend to provide better average exp/AP than Mesmerizes with the occasional Malboro.

Having said that, Edea vs. Malboro should be a non-issue assuming you grabbed Cerberus, not to mention if you're waiting until that late in the game anyway, Cactuars are an option for AP farming.
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