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User Info: kyonurika

7 years ago#1
how can i get this before i go timber as T REX is whooping me he islvl 27 and i need dragon fang of him ? I have done the training lvl boss so i cant draw it from him ? any items or cards i can use to get 100 blind i have 14 what i got from the boss but its not blinding him lol ?

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
7 years ago#2
Use this guide whenever you need to find any item or spell:

If you have Diablos's St-Mag RF then you can get Blinds from Eye Drops at the store. You missed your chance to get some easy ones from Granaldo or the draw point in the Comm Tower.

Sleep is effective vs T-Rexaurs. If you're trying to card them, try junctioning 100 sleeps to the St-Atk of whoever has Siren, then attack with only that person. If you just plan to kill them, go ahead and use 100 deaths on St-Atk.
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User Info: CitizenCraig

7 years ago#3
Escape the T-Rex fights until you fight Granaldo and draw Blinds off Granaldo.

User Info: kyonurika

7 years ago#4
its ok now lol after my post i thought 2 more t rex just to see and one of them droped 6 dragon fangs lol

User Info: VeghEsther

7 years ago#5
Or get 100 death spells master Sirens Status Attack junction and set all the death spells to it and yes T Rex's can be instant killed just in case blind or sleep fails.

Lacking the death spells Quistis + Low HP + Degenerator can kill most non boss enemies instantly.

User Info: Vilurum

7 years ago#6
I don't think "need" is quite the right term when used in reference to Dragon Fangs on disc 1.
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