Queen of Cards at Shumi Village Help!!

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User Info: crazyboynph

7 years ago#1
Hey. I looked at many card guides and I still don't see a clear answer. I purposely lost my Angelo card to the Queen of Cards on Disc 3, that way she could appear at Shumi Village. I never thought to win it back because otherwise she would move to another city. I haven't seen the Left Diamond Girl on board the ship or the Queen use the Angelo card at all. Is it lost forever? BTW, I was told by many guides to take the Queen to that village, but Diamond keeps using random on Disc 4. What was the point in moving her then? I see little difference, maybe it's just me. I was under assumption it would be Open, Diff, etc. NOT RANDOM,same/plus,direct!! LOL! I don't recall leaving random rules in Trabia. But seriously, that Angelo card. Is it gone? The Queen is useless, she has all the annoying rules. I do know that all cards modded reappear, but what about the Angelo card that was lost on purpose to change her location? She won't use it! Dannngggggg... Any assistance? I'm a wreck!

User Info: Anfini

7 years ago#2
Uh... where to begin?

Firstly, locate the Angelo card in the Menu/Card section and look at the bottom of the screen. What does it say by Location?

Second, the CC Group won't appear on the Ragnarok (with the minor exception of Joker) unless you completed the CC Group quest before disc 4. This means beating CC King and winning the ability to play her on the bridge of the Garden. If you didn't, you're out of luck.

Third, having the Queen of Cards in Trabia allows you to more easily manipulate trading rules (i.e. open/diff/direct/all). Random is not a trading rule, and hence you'll have to abolish random in Trabia just like you would any other rule, in any other area, if you want it gone. Check the FAQs for more info on how to do that.
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User Info: Vilurum

7 years ago#3
If you're going to park the QoC in Shumi Village for the purposes of disc 4 trade rules, you should also make sure that her personal trade rule (i.e. the rule she uses in the last game you play with her before proceeding to disc 4; any rules shes uses *on* disc 4 are irrelevant) is Diff. Or at least All or One, but most definitely *not* Direct.

Simply moving her there without subsequently pestering her to get the desired personal rule is risky, because you run the risk of moving her there when her personal rule's Direct, and that'll do you more harm than good on disc 4.

And on the Ragnarok on disc 4, assuming you beat the CC group by the end of disc 3 (so the CC members are on the Ragnarok in the first place), if you're in the correct room to be challenging Diamond, there should be *two* girls there. Diamond is the pair of girls after all. When you actually go ahead and play cards with them, play cards with the one further left on the screen. (They have the same dialogue no matter which of them you challenge, but they play and pick their cards differently, which is why it's important to make sure you're challenging the left girl.)

As for Random, as already noted that's a regular rule (which, along with Plus, Trabia - and thus disc 4 Diamond - *starts* with) and is abolished in the standard manner. You can combine rules between CC members on disc 4, just like you can combine rules between regions earlier in the game.

(You don't have access to Galbadia rules, you don't have the option of paying the Queen of Cards to add rules to her current region, and you don't have the option of the guy in Balamb who resets Balamb's rules. So your box of tools for rule manipulation is more limited than it is earlier in the game. But chances are that you can still clean up Trabia's/Diamond's rules if you're careful.)
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