Sending Queen of Cards of Shumi Village

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User Info: Onlinegamer10

7 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm following Absolute Steve's Guide and I'm having trouble understanding how to do send her to Trabia. Do i seriously have to keep on losing my best cards just to send her to Shumi Village. And if so, can i ever win them back from her?

User Info: _Red___XIII_

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Vilurum

7 years ago#3
If you're sending her to Trabia, it's for the benefit of farming cards from disc 4 CC Diamond. And frankly, I wouldn't bother: you're only playing her for rare cards anyway, she'll only use one at a time, so the only important thing is to make sure Trabia's trade rule isn't Direct (or All, which can degenerate to Direct).

Having said that, if you plan to send her to Trabia anyway, just have it be one of the last things you do before proceeding to disc 4. Lose a number of rare cards to her one after another, to get her to move, until she gets there. (If she happens to use one along the way, feel free to win the card she uses instead of losing one of yours. She'll move if you win one from her too, not just if you lose one to her. But she doesn't like to play using the rare cards she has, so I wouldn't hold out on this.)

Then be sure to go to Shumi Village yourself, and play or play-quit her (without winning or losing any rare cards, which will move her) until her personal rule is One or Diff (just *not* All and *certainly not* Direct).

Last thing you want to do is have her end up in Shumi Village and have a personal rule of Direct because you didn't bother swinging by to make sure her personal rule was something desirable. That'd make you get *nothing but* Direct when farming disc 4 CC Diamond, exactly the opposite of your goal. Better to have QoC in non-Trabia than to have her in Trabia with a personal rule of Direct.

After getting her there and establishing an appropriate personal rule for her, don't worry about the rare cards you lost moving her around. Proceed to disc 4, collect the Ragnarok, and promptly reclaim those rare cards - as well as any other rare cards you don't have - from the left CC Diamond girl.
- Vilurum Xaren, leader of the happy turtles, and knowitall.
... And if you can't spell "Vilurum", call me "Vil". :)
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