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User Info: EggsEggsEggs

6 years ago#1
How do I beat the Earth Eater? I hear that using Tidus' or Wakka's overdrives will put it on its back. But I presume that in order to use this, you have to have the Celestial Weapons for Tidus and/or Wakka. I've given up on the Chocobo race because of the crappy controls, and even if I had Wakka's World Champion, I can never get a perfect OD for Wakka.

Is there any other way to beat the Earth Eater? Or any substitute weapon for Tidus that could work? Or an easy way to get a perfect Elemental Reels?
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User Info: rikkuster26

6 years ago#2
Yeah, you should ideally have the CWs for the Break Damage Limit as well as attack boosts they have concerning the amount of HP for Tidus and Wakka. As for the Overdrives, I used Tidus' Blitz Ace and Wakka's Attack Reels. I suppose some people may use Tidus' Slice & Dice since it also has multiple hits but I'm fairly certain Blitz Ace is more effective.
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User Info: ferdk16

6 years ago#3
Slice & Dice knocks out Earth Eater in one use, otherwise you need 2 hits to knock it down, Wakka's Reels apparently count as one hit, even though you can do up to 12, it won't knock it down.

If you're trying to farm Fortune Spheres, you should have Celestial Weapons and preferably maxed Strength, if not then don't bother yet.
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User Info: peppygrowlithe

6 years ago#4
If you don't want to get Tidus or Wakka's Celestial Weapons, simply choose other characters for whom you would, and make them your primaries. Some weapons aren't too painful to access (Rikku's comes to mind). Auto-Phoenix can really help protect against his powerful physical attacks, so you might just have to hit him a few times rather than knock him down in one mighty swoop.

If you want to get lots of monsters, you miiiight be able to get away with customizing a weapon with Break Damage Limit for Wakka or Tidus, though I think that would be more trouble than its worth.

User Info: PetesComeback

6 years ago#5
I remember, when I had pretty darn weak characters I summoned the Magus Sisters and kept attacking, reviving etc. until I eventually won. A fight took about 20 minutes though D:
But that is history, I got much better now.
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User Info: itirnitee

6 years ago#6
To get perfect Attack Reels all you have to do is get 2-HIT on the first two reels then let the timer run out.

User Info: Fallacia

6 years ago#7
as well as attack boosts they have concerning the amount of HP for Tidus and Wakka.

There are no boosts for Tidus and Wakka. At 100% health, they do 100% damage. 100% in this case means as much damage as is allowable by the damage formula, which is exactly what every other weapon does regardless of your HP. As their HP goes down, so does their damage with Celestial Weapons. From that, the only thing you get from Celestials based on your own HP is a disadvantage. The only weapon that gets any kind of boost is Auron's, and his actually does more damage while he's at a lower HP.

However, Celestial Weapons do ignore enemy defense entirely. When you attack an enemy with any CW, that enemy's defense is counted as 0 in the damage formula. Because of that, you're likely do more damage even at lower HP with a CW than with any other regular weapon even with Break Damage Limit.

That said, it doesn't apply during Overdrives at all. The damage you do with Slice & Dice or Attack reels isn't going to be increased by the weapon's invisible innate ability. That's why Slice & Dice is preferred over Blitz Ace for high defense enemies. In the case of Overdrives, the celestials won't ignore defense.

Edit: The last paragraph was only to indicate that the innate Ignore Defense doesn't apply to Overdrives. I actually don't know of having lower health will make your overdrives do less damage.
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User Info: Grand_Maester

6 years ago#8
I beat Earth Eater first number of times with Auron, Yuna, Kimahri, and Rikku's Celestials (all except Kimahri's are very easy to get).
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User Info: Dark_Arbron

6 years ago#9
Edit: The last paragraph was only to indicate that the innate Ignore Defense doesn't apply to Overdrives. I actually don't know of having lower health will make your overdrives do less damage.

It does not.

My guess is that when you select Attack (or any variant of it, such as Quick Hit or Dark Buster), the game runs a quick check. If it's not a celestial weapon, then it uses the regular strength-based formula. If it is a celestial, then it still uses that formula but with two changes:

a) Defence is automatically considered 0 (more accurately, I think it actually skips that step completely);
b) An extra step - the HP/MP modifier - is added;

So when you select an overdrive, those changes aren't taken into account. The defence ignoring property, as you said, isn't applied, and neither is the HP/MP modifier.

*In fact there's actually another hidden effect to the celestial weapons (and some others), and that is an increased critical chance, which explains why a character can sometimes crit themselves (which makes no sense otherwise; [attacker's luck - target's luck] should always equal 0 if you attack yourself). I'll let someone more knowledgable explain that one, and for that matter, I'm not sure if it applies to overdrives or just Attack.
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User Info: Fallacia

6 years ago#10
I'm not sure who originally posted this since I have it saved to my FFX folder, but it was probably pbirdman

Order of figuring out damage is
Step 1 = Base Damage
Step 2a = Celestial Modifier
Step 2b = Defence Modifier
Step 3 = Cheer/Focus Reduction
Step 4 = Damage Constant
Step 5 = Random Varience
Step 6 = Protect/Shell
Step 7 = Critical
Step 8 = Berserk / Mag Booster
Step 9 = Str/Mag +x%
Step 10 = Def/Mag Def +x%
Step 11 = Element
Step 12 = Armour
Step 13 = Defend/Power/Magic Break
Step 14 = Overdrive Modifier
Step 15 = Shield / Boost
Step 16 = Trio + Damage Cap


As also indicated by you, the Celestial Modifier and Defense Modifier steps are right by each other and appears to only use the regular defense figures if it can't check off the Celestial Modifier as being used. For critical hit chance:

Attacker Luck + Critical+ Value for attack - Target Luck = Critical Chance

I know that pbirdman was the one I saw posting that since I remembered to put his name next to the formula. I think the "Critical" value within that formula was supposed to have been from the weapon's innate critical chance, which I believe is 3% from most weapons and slightly higher by some monster arena creations. NVera expresses the chance for regular physical attacks as:

Critical hit formula is Chance% = Attacker's Luck + Uses of "Luck" ability on attacker + Uses of "Jinx" ability on target + Weapon Critical Bonus - Target's Luck.
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