Good beginner blitzball team?

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User Info: sora174

6 years ago#1
I haven't played blitzball since the tournament in luca and now I have the airship so I thought it would be a good tome to play, so what are some good players I should get?
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User Info: ferdk16

6 years ago#2
Since you have the Airship, get Brother (he's piloting the airship) and put him as MF, basically get this team:

FW: Tidus
FW: Wedge (Guard at Luca Stadium, upstairs before the locker rooms)
MF: Brother (Piloting the airship)
DF: Ropp (Mi'ihen's Travel Agency shop guy, with blue bandana)
DF: Zalitz (guy on the way to Luca Theather)
GK: Jumal (guy sitting on a bench at Luca Square)

With that team you're pretty much unstoppable, although you don't need the full team, getting Brother and Wedge will make your life incredibly easier already, and I'd grab Jumal just in case too.

Note that this formation works great at low levels, but as you level up (and so do your opponents) there might be better options, since you mentioned "good beginner team" I'd thought this team would be appropiate.
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User Info: stupac85

6 years ago#3
LF - Keep Tidus and just make sure he has the Jecht Shot.

RF - I've had good success with Blappa, if you can force him off of the Psyches and sign him (and you can go ahead and get Nimrook at the same time). Wedge at the stadium in Luca is a good alternative if you don't have the patience to force Blappa off the Psyches.

MF - It really depends on what you want from this position. Do you want a more offensively oriented player who can be a third scoring option, or do you want a more defensively oriented player who can help your defenders to slow down the opposing team's forwards? Brother (the airship's pilot) is a good pick for an offensive MF. If you'd prefer a more defensive MF, forcing Berrik off the Psyches is a good choice. Forcing Graav off the Goers is another option if you want a MF who's more balanced between offense and defense.

LD & RD - Ropp (male employee at the Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency) is widely considered the best defender in the game and will be nothing short of impressive at either defender spot. For the other defender spot, Zalitz is a good pick that you can get in Luca. You could also consider forcing one of the female defenders off of the Goers or the Kilika team. I've also had success using a defensive oriented MF like Berrik at a defender spot before. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter who your second defender is. Between Ropp at one defender spot and Nimrook at goalie, the opposing team will need a miracle to ever score on you anyway.

G - Nimrook is the best goalie in the game at every level, bar none, although you probably won't really need him. The opposing teams rarely shoot and when they do, Ropp will block it nine times out of ten before it gets to the goalie anyway. But, it's nice to know that you have Nimrook back there for the one time out of ten that a shot does get past Ropp. Also, as long as Nimrook is on your team, it means that he's not on any of the other teams, so you don't have to worry about trying to score on him. If you really don't have the patience to force him off the Psyches, though, Jumal in Luca is the second best goalie in the game.
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User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
6 years ago#4

From: sora174 | #001
I haven't played blitzball since the tournament in luca and now I have the airship so I thought it would be a good tome to play, so what are some good players I should get?

just stick with the Aurochs
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User Info: sajoir2

6 years ago#5
With Airship you should get

Forwards: Larbeight, Vilucha, Shaami, or Isken
MF. Brother is overpowered from levels 1-60 with his speed and everything else about him. After level 60 get Vuroja, Kiyuri, Linna, Mifurrey, Svanda. All are awesome.
Defense: Ropp is best. Naida is great until level 40 ish Wedge is great after level 20 until 60.
Kulukan, Navara Guado, and Irga are great 60+.
Goalie: Nimrook ( the best) if you want to force him off Al Bhed or Jumal, Miyu, or Durren. Wedge after level 70 or so is also a great goalie (2nd best at lvl 99)
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One that hasn't been mentioned yet, I like Zev Ronso, found in Luca as well, as a more defensive MF. Plus Ronsos look cool.
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User Info: sajoir2

6 years ago#7
glory of power metal posted...
One that hasn't been mentioned yet, I like Zev Ronso, found in Luca as well, as a more defensive MF. Plus Ronsos look cool.

The only thing bad about Zev ( besides his lackluster speed) is his low attack until 60+ when it starts growing like mad. Also you need to tech find him good techs but he is a good defender or mf.
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User Info: jubeik9

6 years ago#8
all you need is Brother. It gets boring as hell really fast with Brother, and i usually stick with the aurochs + jumal to make things.... somewhat interesting.

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

6 years ago#9
If you want a good beginner's team:

Forwards: Wedge is really good as a forward for the first 15 levels or so. Eventually his SH will stop growing. But at early levels, Blappa from the Psyches is probably your best overall forward. Pick up Blappa and Vilucha in Besaid and you've probably got yourself a solid team. You can use Tidus or Wakka as well, but their downside is their extremely low AT (nothing beats having your forwards steal the ball away from their midfielders and defenders).

Midfield: Brother is really good until like level 50 which most players will probably never reach, so I'd recommend picking him up.

Defenders: Pick up Ropp at the Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency, he's a good player from Level 1 until Level 99 (although he does turn average at around level 30 or so). For your other defender, at early levels, Kyou at the Djose Temple is a solid player, as is Zalitz.

The best Goalkeeper in the game is Nimrook of the Al Bhed Psyches. But in the early game pick up Miyu in the Moonflow or Jumal in Luca as your goalkeeper.
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User Info: AegisIkana

6 years ago#10
Zalitz is basically hax....
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