Most extreme thing you did in this game? (spoilers)

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User Info: slyfan926

5 years ago#1
-Learning Blitz Ace before Tros in a Tidus Only(I know it's been done by others)

-Grinding for three hours before Crawler in an Auron Only because I couldn't dodge 100/150 lightning bolts

Keep in mind that these challenges are just basic TO and AO (although, I broke the rules in TO by learning Steal and Use).

How about you guys?
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User Info: ZyeHatosu

5 years ago#2
I never did any challenges, but I did max out everyone's stats to the point in which the game wasn't fun anymore.
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User Info: Nova-Zero

5 years ago#3

Before I knew the AP trick, I grinded Inside Sin for a total of, maybe, 30 hours. I was like 13 and I had crazy patience.

And once I found out about the trick, instead of getting angry or anything, I remember laughing because of the absurdity.

User Info: pbirdman

5 years ago#4
Learning Blitz Ace before Tros in a Tidus Only(I know it's been done by others)
Dunno why but I always seem to prefer the Oblitzerator battle for Tidus ODs
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User Info: Demonic_Essence

5 years ago#5
AP Grind to max the SG before climbing Gagazet.
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User Info: jakezing33

5 years ago#6
punch through omega ruins without status warding or first strike weapons.
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User Info: dark_warrior21

5 years ago#7
Capturing monsters in NSGNSNCNONENNENBB

User Info: ChaosN

5 years ago#8
Penance Extreme Challenge
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User Info: Darkefka

5 years ago#9
stealing 99 Cocobo wings in the thunder plains, (for my first NSG I wanted to be sure I didn't run out of those, turned out I used like 15 for the whole game xD...)

also in my first game I wasn't able to beat Evrae, so I leveled up until Lulu got Doublecast
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User Info: DatFace_PTP

5 years ago#10
No Sphere Grid - Rikku Only - No Items - No Trio of 9999/Quartet of 9 up to getting kicked by OD Sin
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