what are some ways to earn gil fast/easy?

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User Info: lire62

9 years ago#1
Well, I'm thinking about getting pendulums for master thief. Either I gain a lot of gain to bribe Ultima weapon or I can do the Remiem chocobo race. I'm really not sure which method would be easier. Either way, I still need gil to bribe and buy equipment. So, what are some ways of earning gil that's relatively easy or fast?

User Info: Brenz0r

9 years ago#2
You can always equip a weapon with Gillionare and defeat Mimics in the Omega Ruins.

User Info: mosc

9 years ago#3
I like killing one-eye over and over and selling his drops.
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Here you go. Choose which method works best for you at your point in the game:

BDE's cut-out and keep cash trick guide:

Epaaj (before airship):
Fight outside the sunken cave, you will encounter them every fight.
Epaaj drop SOS overdrive weapons, which sell for up to 75,187 gil depending on the number of empty slots. They sometimes drop tetra armour, which can be customized for cash.

Once you have the airship, these methods are much better:

go to Kilika shop, buy tetra armour for 2250 gil. Customise and sell.

Examples: Capture the monsters in Besaid. Monster arena guy gives you 99x stamina tonic. Go to Kilika, buy tetra armour for 2250 gil. Customise with HP+30% (1x stamina tonic) and sell for 28406 gil each. Profit= 2.5 million gil. Similarly, capture insects for 60x mana tonic. Customise MP+30%, sell for 34031 gil. Profit =1.9 million gil.
Or capture mushrooms for 99x healing spring. Customise SOS regen (12x healing spring, 37781 gil). Profit= 284248 gil.

Customise with:__Item(s) required________Sell for:
HP+30%_______1x stamina tonic________28406gil
MP+30%_______1x mana tonic_________34031gil
SOS regen______12x healing spring_____37781gil

Get more items for customisation:
Item___________Overkill___________Capture___________Steal (*rare steal)

Stamina tonic____Abyss worm (4)_____Besaid (99)________Machea* (1), dk Yojimbo (2)
Mana tonic_____Malboro menace (4)___Insects (60)_______Great Malboro* (1)
Healing spring___Kottos (40)_________Mushrooms (99)___Achelous, Behemoth king,

The best repeatable option for customization is farming Kottos for Healing Springs, assuming you are strong enough to overkill him easily.

Gillionaire: Get double gil when you win a fight. Very useful against mimics in the omega dungeon. Get Rikku's Godhand fully powered or customise with 30x designer wallet. (Designer wallet: Capture omega ruins fiends for 60, or steal from Don Tonberry using master thief). The character with Gillionaire must be in the front line when the monster is killed.

Monster arena: All monster arena creations always drop equipment when defeated.
Example: Kill One-Eye in the arena (capture flying eyeballs to unlock). Sell any unwanted triple AP weapons he drops. (But remember they are very useful for the AP trick)
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User Info: X4Gambit

9 years ago#5
IMO there are two alternative version for obtaining healing springs which is easy money.

#1 method fighting Kottos (capture x1 monsters on the Mi'ihen Highroad), and Old Highroad), (x2). Kotto's is very tough, and powerful (he counters everything even stealing, and is immune to every status) unless you've got a lot of hp, and defense. Kottos drops x20, overkill x40 healing springs.

Cost :
tetra armour: 2250
Kottos (arena cost) 6000

SOS regen armor 37781 (overkill x3 113,343)
cost: 8250
total profit 29,531 (overkill x3 105,093)

#2 method until you can do Kottos (obviously method #1 is faster) is to capture Achelous (Mt. Gagazet flooded cavern). Go to arena pay to fight Achelous, and then bribe it 102,500 (just to do this as fast as possible you can bribe for 102,000, but I'm usually trying to do this as quickly as possible), and he'll drop x16 healing springs. See below for how this works out financially.

Cost analysis/profit

tetra armour: 2250
Achelous (arena cost): 630
Bribe: 102,500 / 16 = 6406 (each)
total cost: 9286

SOS regen armor 37781
total cost 9286
total profit: 28495

User Info: X4Gambit

9 years ago#6
Dang it I messed up the math above...until I have time to correct it please disregard my last post, but I have to get back to work as lunch is over.

User Info: Glacoras

9 years ago#7
Fast and Easy would probably be the Mimic/Gillionaire method.

Rikku's Godhand has Gillionaire when it is full powered up. Train three characters to the end of their SG (including Rikku) and get their CWs (excluding Rikku's, they do not have to be fully powered up). Gte into a fight with a Lizard and a Chest in Omega Ruins. Steal from the chest to get Mimic to appear, then kill off the Lizard. With three characters trained up and Rikku's fully powered Godhand, you should make short work of this battle.
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User Info: X4Gambit

9 years ago#8
Sigh ok, my bad method #2 isn't a money maker you'll lose money sorry about that, so just disregard it.

User Info: erict1628

9 years ago#9
Let me correct your math on the Kottos method. XD

Tetra armor: 2250 gil each
Kottos: 6000 gil
Reward: 40x Healing Springs (for OVERKILL)

40x Healing Springs can customize ~3.33 (3 1/3) SOS Regen armors.

Total cost = 3.33 x 2250 + 6000 = 13500 gil
Total rev = 3.33 x 37781 = 125936 gil

Total profit = 125936 - 13500 = 112436 gil

That's from one fight with Kottos.

You get 100000 gil from one fight with Mimic (Zaurus + chest), with Gillionaire. However, the fight is a random encounter, although it does have the highest encounter rate in Omega Ruins.
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User Info: Squall164

9 years ago#10
where is the Kilika shop? I mean i went to the hotel and they keep saying that they are still cleaning up? Am i going to the right place? I am personally looking for Tetra Armor that has four empty slots because I have the wings of discovery that i need and i'm ready to make armor with Break HP limit, and all the tetra armor i'm about to buy either has HP + 10% which i really don't want....
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