does it matter how much gil i lend to o'aka?

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  3. does it matter how much gil i lend to o'aka?

User Info: FLiP_311

9 years ago#1
does it change his items available for purchase or anything?

User Info: WarmSeduction

9 years ago#2
It lowers the prices of the items he sells at (Spoilers)

Operation mi'ihen.
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9 years ago#3
when you give money to o aka his prisses are less give to o aka 1001 gil

User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#4

Normally O'aka's prices at Mushroom Rock are 200% of what the items would normally cost.

If you donate less than 100 gil, the prices will stay at 200%
If you donate between 101 and 1000 gil, the prices will be reduced to 150%
If you donate between 1001 and 10000 gil, the prices will be reduced to 120%
If you donate 10001 gil or more, the prices will be reduced to 70%

If you want the actual discount, be forewarned that you need to spend nearly 30000 gil just to break even with the 10001 you already donated, and quite frankly, O'aka doesn't have anything that's worth that much.

If you want to buy Wakka's Stonetouch weapon, then donate 1001 gil. But since you can get Stonetouch weapons from the Basilisks in the next area (rare, but doable), you may not want to bother.

Personally, I think it's worth it not to have to bother with Basilisk-hunting, so you may as well donate the 1001.

User Info: Ultimaphazon

9 years ago#5
Auron's Initiative weapon and Tidus' Counterattack weapon aren't bad purchases either.
That's still not enough to make up for the 10001 Gil though.
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User Info: paulstreet

9 years ago#6
I donated 1,001 gil. That worked fine for me since I wound up buying very little from him.

Order of Ambrosia, FFXII, 04/02/08
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  3. does it matter how much gil i lend to o'aka?

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