The dreaded 200 lightning bolts.

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User Info: chuchurocketto

8 years ago#1
So I have had a near-perfect FFX save file sitting around for ages now. It's missing pretty much only one thing: Lulu's ultimate weapon, because I am convinced I am physically incapable of dodging those 200 lightning bolts.

It's not just that my reflexes are poor (although they are). As soon as I even sit down to attempt trying to dodge those lightning bolts, I feel physically ill. I am actually at my limit. I've failed well into the 100s way too many times for me to think trying it again is a good idea. Plus, every attempt is a protracted, half-hour ordeal.

So I gave up for good a long time ago. But I was curious as to whether some trick to this had been discovered in the 8 years since the game's release? Fishing around I happened across this "cheat" which I haven't verified (it sounds dubious, but hey, I'm pretty desperate):

"To dodge 200 lightning bolts easily, use the airship to get to the Thunder Plains, and go to the northern part. Dodge enough lightning bolts consecutively to make the chest appear but do not open it yet. The amount of times needed to dodge for the chest to appear will be different for almost everyone attempting this trick. Stay close to the exit so that you can leave quickly before lightning strikes again. After dodging, go back past the treasure chest and enter the southern part, then immediately leave and go back up past the chest to the northern part and get hit twice by lightning. Go back to the chest and open it. It should say that you dodged 200 consecutive lightning bolts or more. Make sure to stay close to the exit when dodging or getting hit by lightning so that you can leave immediately before lightning strikes again."

Has anyone seen this/checked whether it is true? And if it is false (as I suspect it is) are there any other tricks people know of? Foolproof spots to run back and forth between that trivialize it? Outright cheats (yes, I'm willing to stoop that low)? Homebrewed ways of manually hacking your memory card?

User Info: Taterzz

8 years ago#2
rin's agency, on the second portion of the map. exit from his shop and you will be stopped by a bolt pretty much at the start of the plains. i got my bolts here in about 10 minutes, make sure you have No Encounters or else it could get messy. the jump back is far enough that by the time you reach the spot again, another bolt zaps you. well...if you miss
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User Info: guythesamurai

8 years ago#3
Anytime you move to another screen the counter resets so yea I highly doubt that trick works TC....there is a way though to control when the lightning strikes and you can look it up on youtube though I've never been able to get it to work consistently
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User Info: blkmage0253

8 years ago#4
I've heard that it might be somewhat easier if you turn the lights off in the room that you're playing in.
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User Info: XKillerPenguinX

8 years ago#5
If you feel physically ill, you must have nervousness issues with this mini-game. I got nervous doing it too. For me, it helped to not count the bolts. Counting made me nervous and I realized if I kept doing it I would mess up, so I just dodged as many as I could until I felt like I had enough. I ended up dodging 289 bolts, which is overkill, but I probably wouldn't have gotten to 200 otherwise and it made things much easier. I felt like I could have gone on forever.

So if you've been counting, that's something you could try...

User Info: rikudo_sennin

8 years ago#6
My friend keeps making 199 bolts and always gets hit by the mash protector on the 200th.
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