Obtaining all Overdrives: Some Thoughts

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User Info: dfchang813

8 years ago#1
I'm slowly filling out the edges on a legit perfect game without using any game editors and working now on obtaining Overdrives for all my characters.

Since I am completely maxed out there are definitely a few Overdrives that are affected in terms of dfficulty obtaining. Among them:

1. Rook. It has occurred to me that Auto Shell and Auto Protect are the easiest ways to get this OD but the problem is that at maxed stats (255 Luck), essentially nothing outside the Monster Arena and the Dark Aeons can hit me. So Auto-Protect goes out the window. For Auto Shell, I would love to have all 3 characters Auto-Shell'ed and learning Rook at once but I then realized that the only magic damage that hits all 3 characters is Ultima and again outside the Dark Aeons I can't remember any normal enemies that use that.

Which brings me back to either Shell against a Flan and defend over 100 turns or casting Nultide 100plus times. I did that with Yuna last night and it took almost 30 minutes.

2. Avenger and Victim: At max'ed stats, it is very hard to have an enemy kill you because again hardly anything can hit you and even Ultima cast by Nemesis himself does only 5000 or so damage.

That leaves either Master Coerl's Blaster or Master Tonberries Karma. Karma is ok but takes longer and also most characters haven't killed enough things to be killed in one blow at 99,999 HP.

Victim is similarly difficult because I can't control how often these Marlboros and Mandragoras, etc use their status attacks. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Is there any enemy in the game in your memory that ONLY uses status attacks? Would love it if you could tell me.

As it stands, my initial plan is to find some Master Coeurls and for about 5 or 6 hours just use them to get both Victim and Avenger for all 7 people. Will take FOREVER.

3. Coward: Self-explanatory.

Thoughts and advice on this?


User Info: AZorro007

8 years ago#2
The Great Malboro of Omega Dungeon always uses a status attack on its first (ambush) turn. If you make it mad I would assume that it would use status attacks on subsequent turns as well.
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User Info: AZorro007

8 years ago#3
Dark Flan has been know to cast Demi against its opponents. Maybe you could figure out how to make it do that. I assume that Demi would impact your characters even at max stats?
FFX FAQ - Blitzball Beginnings - available free by e-mail request to zorro007(AT)pacbell(DOT)net

User Info: Dark_Arbron

8 years ago#4
You can't learn overdrive modes in the arena remember. I never actually thought about this, but you raise a good point: at max stats it can be very annoying to obtain certain overdrive modes.
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User Info: Mikey_R

8 years ago#5
Master Tonberries Karma. Karma is ok but takes longer and also most characters haven't killed enough things to be killed in one blow at 99,999 HP.

As long as Karma does over 9999 damage just remove break hp limit armour and go to town.
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User Info: dfchang813

8 years ago#6
True enough about Master Tonberries.

I'm still debating whether I go for that or Master Coeurls though because I still can't get around the Victim OD.

By way, provoking Great Marlboros will PREVENT a Bad Breath not incite it. I need a situation where I can get an enemy to continously cast status affects DURING the battle and not just occasionally.

I'm also in a bind because I don't have any armor with Auto Phoenix that isn't already customized with Auto Haste.

By way, having Agility over 170 with Auto-Haste is a big pain in the behind as well because your opponents have very few turns compared to you.

For the last few OD I basically fought with no armor on at all while Slowing myself and Hasting the enemy . . . and that will still get me to share one turn with the enemy.

I'm still thinking that the fastest most efficient way to get Victim is to cast Three Stars, kill the other 2 party members off, then constantly autolife and provokie Blaster.

Correct me if I'm wrong but once Master Tonberry makes it all the way to the front line, doesn't he start dishing out one hit kills? Or do I have that confused with other Final Fantasy games?


User Info: Mikisho

8 years ago#7
what about monoliths? If you were to take off your BDL weapons, you could hit them, and they would cast pharaoh's curse. After every hit you could heal the monoliths, and constantly attack them.
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User Info: KingofKH

8 years ago#8
Don't use BHPL. It sucks.

User Info: InsidiousKefka

8 years ago#9
Here is a list Of All Overdrives and How to obtain them


Spiral Cut - Already Unlocked
Slice And Dice - Use Overdrive Attacks 10 times to Unlock
Energy Rain - Use Overdrive Attacks 30 Times to Unlock
Blitz Ace - Use Overdrive Attacks 80 Times to Unlock

Basically her Aeons get to automatically Use their overdrive use an aeon with a full overdrive bar to get 2 consecutive Aeon Overdrives

Element Reels - Default
Attack Reels
Status Reels } Winnable in Blitzball Tournaments
Auroch Reels


Pick a spell and then practically never stop spinning the analog stick to get some pretty nifty numbers of spells you will get more as you learn them in the sphere grid so no real strategy to getting these ones apart from grinding i guess

Ronso Rage Use Lancet On Effect If Any

Jump (Already Learned)
Thrust Kick YKT-63,YAT-97 Or Biran Ronso
Doom Ghost,Wraith or Biran Ronso Inflicts Doom Status
Fire Breath Dual Horn,Valaha,Grendel Or Yenke Ronso
Aqua Breath Chimera,Chimera Brain or Biran Ronso
Bad Breath Malboro,Great Malboro or Yenke Ronso Inflicts Various Status Ailments*
Stone Breath Basilisk,Anacondaur or Yenke Ronso Inflicts Petrification Status
Seed Cannon Ragora,Sandragora or Grat
Self Destruct Bomb,Grenade,Puroboros or Biran Ronso Damage is Kimahri's Max HPX3
Nova Omega Weapon
Mighty Guard Behemoth,Behemoth King or Biran Ronso Inflicts All Nul spells and protect
White Wind Dark Flan,Spirit or Yenke Ronso Restores HP

* Inflicts Poison Permenantly and inflicts Sleep Silence and Darkness for 10 Rounds

Bushido You Will have to insert a button combination in a set time

Dragon Star - Default
Shooting Star -Requires 1 Jecht Sphere
Banishing Blade -Requires 3 Jecht Spheres
Tornado - Requires 10 Jecht Spheres

Jecht Sphere Locations (You Must Get Jecht Sphere 1 From the spherimorph boss in Macalania Woods first)

Aurons Sphere - Mushroom Rock Road
Braska's Sphere - Mt Gagazet
Jecht Sphere 1 - Macalania Woods
Jecht Sphere 2 - Besaid Village
Jecht Sphere 3 - S.S Liki
Jecht Sphere 4 - Luca Stadium
Jecht Sphere 5 -M'ihen Highroad
Jecht Sphere 6 - Moonflow
Jecht Sphere 7 - Thunder Plains
Jecht Sphere 8 - Macalania Woods

Rikku's Mix

Just like the Chemist Job Class you can make combinations of items both supportive and offensive i would give you a list of all 64 Reccomended but if your like me you love variation i'll give you them in an other message if you really really want them but i love variation so if this helps anyone get the overdrives glad to hear it as i say i'd be glad to take any questions and if you want Rikku's mixes combo's please tell me

User Info: Taterzz

8 years ago#10
^ methinks someone didn't read the thread. demonoliths would be my choice for any status related OD mode, since those guys are just terrible with their counter.
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