Best Ronso Rage??

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User Info: Neale_finley

7 years ago#1
What do you guys think the best ronso rage is and why because i find myself using jump more often than the rest.

User Info: Awsoldier

7 years ago#2
For lots of random encounters? Stone breath.

Other than that Nova and then mighty guard

User Info: PatteTheDude

7 years ago#3

..Live and let live..

User Info: NVera

7 years ago#4
Random encounters: Stone Breath
Bosses: Nova or Self-Destruct
Hard-Hitting Enemies: Mighty Guard
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User Info: lordbaelish

7 years ago#5
Aqua Breath is great if you boost his magic stat. Especially when it goes critical. It saved my bacon more than once in my KO game.

User Info: Neale_finley

7 years ago#6
So for multiple encounters i should use stone breath but for bosses use self-destruct and nova.

User Info: TheTrinity

7 years ago#7
I would never personally use Self-Destruct. It's just not worth it to be a man down for the rest of the fight. Ending a battle with it could make sense, though.

I happen to like Mighty Guard and White Wind. Those, and their variations, have always been my favorite Blue Magic-style abilities. It's so helpful to have support/buffs coming from a character that is usually physically oriented.

Stone Breath and Bad Breath are also fun. Meh, I'm bad at picking favorites.

User Info: slyfan926

7 years ago#8
Since my Kimahri is a Mage, Fire/Aqua Breath
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User Info: falconesque

7 years ago#9
Stone Breath, definitely. Random fiends and demi-bosses, too. Invaluable against the big bad at Lake Macalania.

BTW, if you don't know this tactic, search for "wendigo" in my FFX Shortlist.

Mostly I stick to the attacks targeting multiple foes. Bad Breath is a purely vindictive pleasure for true annoyances, or to hit bosses with everything and find out what sticks (on a par with inverting remedies in FFXII).
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