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User Info: Senta

6 years ago#11

From: DSFREAK4 | #010
So, does PCSX2 run off of the normal PS2 discs?

It is basically the same as any other emulator, honestly.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

6 years ago#12
What? So basically the same thing you get if you run PCSX2 in 1080p. Oh, but wait! PCSX2 can run in even higher resolutions than that, and it has other graphical tweaks, save states, allows you to speed up and slow down your game as you please, and offers all sorts of patches for skipping cutscenes or whatever you might want to do. And did I mention that PCSX2 s free?

Yeah, I think I'll pass on the PS3 remake.

It isn't the same. Upscaling the resolution in PCSX2 is not the same as having a game converted to actually natively be 1080p. Just like your blu ray player upscaling a dvd isn't the same as watching a blu-ray.

Also last time I checked no one had gone through every model/background/cinematic in FFX and updated and reskinned and increased the quality/resolution of each. Rendering filters and stuff in PCSx2 isn't even close to the same thing as SE actually remaking all the models and adding detail/etc.

What's the point of buying ANY game? Just about every game is available for free, whether you mod your console or just download it for the computer. Your point is ridiculous.

PCSX2 will never get to the quality that an official HD remaster would have.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

6 years ago#13
No ones arguing that playing FFX on PCSX2 is a better experience CURRENTLY, but it definitely won't be able to touch a remaster. Cinematic/cutscene skipping has been standard in XII and XIII, so it of course would be added. Obviously all the international crap would be added. There's just so much crap that would be added.

Plus remasters only cost 20-30$.

I assume you don't own a ps3?

User Info: Architeuthis

6 years ago#14
No, I don't own a PS3, nor do I have any intentions of buying one. You all are right in that a remastered version will look better, and that is something, but that's not reason enough for me to get all psyched about a re-release. I play FFX on PCSX2 because it's a lot more convenient, which to me equals more fun. Playing on PCSX2 allows me to do the following:

- Start the game within seconds of sitting down in front of my computer. I sit down, click the shortcut for PCSX2, press the shortcut key to load my most recent ISO image, and then press one more key to load my game instantly where I last stopped. Also, with save states, there's no telling people to wait until I find the next Save Sphere. Furthermore, things like dodging lightning bolts, or trying various strategies on a boss is quick and easy with save states. I have the International version, and have done everything legit on several occasions, so I really have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else. I want to play the game to enjoy it, even if that means using save states to affect the drops of Dark Yojimbo in order to get the armor I want faster. Some call it cheating, but I call it working around a flawed game mechanic, which is an artificial inflater of game time.
- With PCSX2, I can speed the game up past 200% the normal game speed whenever I want to grind, or quickly get through certain parts. Also, I can easily skip cutscenes as I please.
- Also, I have a very moderate system, and I can run the game at 2-3 times the original resolution at over 120 FPS.

Also, it's worth noting that using PCSX2 does improve the graphics, but this is actually the least importance reason to me for using PCSX2. Sure, better graphics are nice, but they're the last reason for me liking a game.

Anyway, I didn't post here to convert anyone. I simply wanted to defend my point. If pretty graphics is your cup of tea, and you loved FFXIII, then you'll probably love the remastered version. However, if you're like me, and your favorite game this year was Super Meat Boy, and playing a game is more about the comfort of being able to do what you want, when you want, and being able to skip everything you don't care about, then playing the game on PCSX2 is probably the way to go for you.

User Info: JaoriPrilj

6 years ago#15
I see where it mentions Final Fantasy, but it doesn't actually say "Final Fantasy X." Are there any other sites reporting on this game?

Also, how reliable is this site? I've never heard of them.
The internet: where everybody recognizes sarcasm immediately. /sarcasm
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