Three stars(I get to many)

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User Info: zlpw0ker

6 years ago#1
I did the remiem temple race and got 60 three stars,and I have captured 10 in mt gagazet and Calm Lands and 10 of each in sunken cave,except tonberry.
So I checked I get like 60more of these,anything I can use these on?
thats basically means I get 30over over the limit and 30 is a waste,are they worth anything?

I might come back to ask more questions in here,im still a noob in FFX even tho I played it and completed 3times already.

User Info: Hozu

6 years ago#2
You can customize it on something for 1 MP Cost IIRC.
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User Info: zlpw0ker

6 years ago#3
only that?
I also noticed that you can add doublecast on aeons for 5 of em,any good mixes with three stars?

User Info: tempest_storm34

6 years ago#4
Definitely give your aeons doublecast (save 5 for Anima that you'll get later). I think they're some mixes that can be done with three stars, but I think you can use other items for those (twin stars, etc). Finally, Yuna and Lulu already get 1 MP cost on their celestial weapons, and Auron gets the Murasame (hidden treasure in Besaid) that gives 1 MP cost also.

User Info: ferdk16

6 years ago#5
The last thing I'd do with them is teaching Aeons anything, but that's just me since i don't use Aeons at all. I usually grab them on my first visit to the calm lands and customize 1 MP Cost on a weapon for Yuna, who usually knows her black magic as well and becomes a goddess
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User Info: zlpw0ker

6 years ago#6
ye,thanks for for that,I do have already given Anima double cast,but I will get all my aeons those,since this time I wanna max my aeons aswell,including stats and skills,which leaves me on 90 of those I belive.

Also I think Im gonna get a 4slotted armor for Rikku and get poisonproof,berzerkproof and confusionproof and then add Master thief to it.

On that note,where is Oaka,on my last playthrough he was on macalania or operation mighen place and sold 4empty armors for like 100k.

User Info: tempest_storm34

6 years ago#7
Not sure where Oaka is, but you're looking for Wantz (his brother). As long as you talked to him on gagazet as you were traveling to fight Flux, you can find him in macalania woods near the exit to the thunder plains.

User Info: zlpw0ker

6 years ago#8
thought that he was at the entrance aswell,so I checked gagazet,but hes no way to be found,and I had to check out a turned out it was correct.
For some reason I needed to activate highbridge sequence and then come.

I need some advice,I already bought like 5tetra armors,but I only will fully customize rikkus armor first,I added master thief first since thats a guarantee of need.

I only added 2 for sure,and those are Master thief and Confuseproof.
Not sure the 2remaining should be.

I really want a poisonproof on,but im uncertain whether to choose stoneproof or deathproof or poisonproof.

I ask of those who is using such armors for help,since im primarly gonna use her in every battle in omega ruins.

what are the most dangerous status ailments,I know by provoking I can prevent marlboro menace from bad breath,no sure regarding demonolith which casts pharaos curse or if its alot of stone fiends there or poison attackers.

cheers for any help regarding this issue.

User Info: tempest_storm34

6 years ago#9
In omega ruins, stoneproof is important because demonoliths will sometimes use stone breath. It doesnt always petrify but hits all 3 chars at once. I just deal with this by summoning magus sisters/anima.
Poisonproof probably isn't worth a slot - it only prevents Spirit's poison mist (provoke it), Malboro's bad breath (provoke it/delay buster), and Machea's physical attacks (oh, and poison from the pharoah's curse counterattack).
Deathproof only prevents m. couerl's blaster from working, I believe.
I gave rikku auto-haste before anyone else, I think it works best on her. Auto-phoenix is also kinda nice, and you'll use phoenix and auto-protect in the monster arena, so you should start using those abilties now if you have the materials.
The most dangerous ailment besides petrify from demonoliths are confusion from spirit and malboro, but by provoking them you don't need to worry about it at all (provoke works 100% on them).

User Info: foo1239

6 years ago#10
Hey, did you guys know that 60 three stars is like 180 stars!!!!
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