Tidus is the worst main FF character in the entire series.

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  3. Tidus is the worst main FF character in the entire series.

User Info: Astro_Zombie138

5 years ago#191
^ Fei Fong Wong is better. He becomes an Ubermencht, Demi-god, or something along the lines of a pre-destined messiah.

Plus, he's a martial artist... Only p****** use weapons! :D
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User Info: Lionheart409

5 years ago#192
Warrior of Light 1 was by far the worst main character of any FF. He showed up buck-naked and broke.

Vaan is by far my least favorite main character of the FFs I've played. I don't get the feel that he is a great natural leader, more that he's just a kid tagging along. I don't want my game to center on a kid tagging along. He, Penelo, and Fran could have been left out of the game, and you would still have quite a similar product.

Tidus gets some of the best character development through any FF. Cecil goes from a Dark Knight to a Paladin without having his character change nearly as much as Tidus does throughout X. He also goes from being a tagalong to an actual member of the party, to somewhat leading said party. I think his growing/maturing was pulled off quite well for a video game.

Complain all you want about Squall's inner monologue, but at least we didn't have to sit through an hour of him trying to piece his mind back together. My least favorite parts of 7 are the Kalm flashback and piecing Cloud back together... and at least during the Kalm flashback Sephiroth is a bad***, so its not quite as painful. Run-time is another factor... the Kalm flashback is shorter.

XIII was painful... and I won't play a game I don't enjoy just because the series its part of. I do acknowledge some people enjoy it... but I don't.
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User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

5 years ago#193
vaan could have been left out and ffxii's story would have been almost the same.
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  3. Tidus is the worst main FF character in the entire series.

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